Spring is an excellent time for a change. You can cut your hair, buy new clothes, or opt for a new tattoo. We have found some of the best minimalistic, floral spring tattoos plus some unusual places to put them.

From tiny, personal ones, to the ones that make a statement – we have gathered only the best ones for you to try this spring.

Spring Heart Symbol

Spring HeartPhoto: Instagram/@thaissouzasantana

Putting a heart tattoo between your breasts will be a great idea for spring. So when you wear deep V-necks and open button-downs this lovely tattoo will delicately peep out.

Florals on Your Arms

Florals on Your ArmsPhoto: bruwho.tumblr.com
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Being brave or not, it’s not so important to realize how beautiful these tattoos are. All along on your arms, different types of florals and plants will leave everybody breathless.

A Rose Tattoo

A Rose TattooPhoto: pinterest.com

This beautiful rose tattoo is located just a bit below your elbow in the inner side of your arm. You can prepare yourself for spring and nice weather with this gorgeous floral tattoo and invoke sun with it.

Under Breast Flower Symbol

Under Breast Tattoo

Photo: Instagram/@tattoologistofficial

If there is someplace delicate and personal enough as your under-breast place, then please let us know. This is also a wonderful place to put a spring tattoo on. Whether you opt for a branch and flowers or something else, your tattoo will look fantastic.

Tattoo On your Hip Bone

On your Hip BonePhoto: pinterest.com

Spring is a great period to get prepared for a bikini season. That can also include a new tattoo on a brand new spot – your hip bone. It will be visible for everybody once you are at the beach or pool.

Colorful Flower Tattoo

Colorful FlowersPhoto: veguci.com

If you are tired of black tattoos, then why don’t you try something new? Two colored tattoos on your wrist ankle look more than beautiful. Not to mention how many comments it will bring you.

Delicate Rose with a Note

Rose with a Note

Photo: veguci.com

An ideal place for a tattoo like this is in the inner side of your arm, below your elbow. It looks romantic, with a quote that is known to your or the saying that you wanted to be there.

Small Wrist Tattoo

Small Wrist TattooPhoto: quotesboxes.com

If you ever wished to have a tattoo that will entirely replace your bracelet, then you should try something like this. The lovely floral symbol will surely be your new favorite.

Rose on the Finger

Rose on the FingerPhoto: veguci.com

We don’t know about you, but the tattoo on your finger looks more than beautiful. You can choose something else instead of a rose – a quote or some other flowers. Either way, it will look perfect and so eye-catching.

Red Hibiscus

Red Hibiscus

Photo: Instagram/@chenjie.newtattoo

Rebellious and beautiful at the same time, this tattoo will upgrade even your most casual outfits. Its color, shape, and place where it is on our arm will make you look cool and chic at the same time.

Watercolor Tattoo

Watercolor TattooPhoto: Instagram/@chenjie.newtattoo

Watercolor tattoos will bring you so much joy.

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Especially if you have other symbols in black ink. What about the combination of ink and watercolor? Well, this is the result.

The Flower on the Back

The Flower on the BackPhoto: kickassthings.com

Red watercolor tattoo on your back will catch some attention in spring and summer time. Whenever you dress into something with open back your tattoo will be visible.

The bouquet on Your Back

The bouquet on Your Back

Photo: jolygram.com

Instead of one flower, opt for a bouquet. You can be sure this eye-catching summer-style tattoo won’t stay unnoticed. This is great for all girls who like to make dramatic entrances.

Unique Quote

Unique QuotePhoto: beautyoraesthetic.com

You can always put on a tattoo with a quote. Not only in spring but in all seasons. Choose the back as the perfect place for your new tattoo.

Minimalistic Tattoo

Minimalistic TattooPhoto: 99outfit.com

Being free in every sense means that you can put your symbol wherever you want. Don’t you agree? This minimalistic tattoo is excellent for you to try this spring.

Just the Mushrooms

Fresh vegetables are one of the best indicators that spring is near or here. So, why don’t you make a tattoo that will match with spring? This lovely mushroom tattoo will look great just behind your knee.

Photo: pinterest.com


A Buzzing Bee

A Buzzing BeePhoto: Instagram/@fearbear

A small cute buzzing bee is an excellent tattoo for invoking the spring. You can place it wherever you want – but make sure it is visible!

Unexpected Place

Unexpected PlacePhoto: Instagram/@tattoo_grain

If you thought you had seen all the places where you can put on a tattoo, wait to see what we have found. Your ear might not be your option number one, but once you choose it, you will adore it.

Bee on Flowers

Bee on Flowers

Photo: Instagram/@anna_bravo_

Tattoos on your arm wrist will be visible all the time. That is why they are perfect for spring and casual clothes you are transferring from when nice weather comes. Bee and a flower are perfect for your invoking spring.

Butterfly on your Neck

Butterfly on your NeckPhoto: pinterest.com

Delicately peeking out behind your hair, this tattoo is just incredible for all girls seeking for something casual. This tattoo is not only perfect for spring but can be your statement tattoo for all seasons.