A UFO tattoo can speak volumes about a man’s character while also elevating their external appearance to a potent new zenith. Extraterrestrial imagery is always in style, and unlimited creative expression is enabled.

UFO body art is an exceptionally smart way to welcome our soon-to-be-arriving alien overlords. When the martians finally show up, they will sincerely appreciate your ability to capture their spacecraft and crop circles. As such, you alone will be spared.

If the threat of impending invasion isn’t enough to persuade you into getting UFO ink, then just consider the suave superficial advantages. Your persona can receive a major overhaul from the boost in originality that the design enshrines.

A lot of conspiracy theorists use UFO tattoos to express their interest in alien cover-ups. Some matching creations can even insinuate membership in secret societies that are geared towards locating interstellar lifeforms. A few guys even believe their tattoo is a direct hub of communication with beings from another world.

While it may seem like an outlandish concept at first, it won’t seem that crazy after you see the wondrous samples we’ve assembled below. With one of these UFO engravings, you will become an elite expert on all cosmic matters.


Abstract Design Saving Earth From Ufo Tattoo Mens Arms

Alien Spaceship Abducting People Tattoo Guys Calves

Amazing Flying Saucer Tattoo Guys Forearms

Amber Eyed Green Alien Tattoo Guys Arms

Awesome Circular Ufo Tattoo Guys Calves

Beautiful Dotted Lights From Ufo Tattoo Mens Sleeves

Beautiful Grey Flying Saucer Over Hills Tattoo Mens Lower Leg

Blue Outer Space Objects Tattoo Male Fingers

Boy Watching Faraway Ufo Tattoo Mens Calves

Brilliant Pencil Dot Work Tattoo Of Ufo Over Tall Tower Male Arms

Brilliant Yellow Light Ufo Tattoo Guys Forearms

Bronze Colored Amazing Ufo And Cow Tattoo Mens Forearms

Chic Alien Smoking Tobacco Tattoo Mens Arms

Colorful Patterns Ufo Tattoo Mens Forearms

Cool Blue Ufo And Man In Suit Tattoo Male Chest

Creative Heart Shaped Ufo Tattoo Male Upper Arms

Dark One Eyed Rays From Ufo Tattoo Male Calves

Dotted Design Grey Spaceship Tattoo Male Forearm

Dusty Grey Ufo Tattoo Male Hands

Elongated Skull And Spaceship Tattoo Male Forearms

Fascinating Ufo Abducting Human Tattoo Males Calves

Glossy Eyed Alien Tattoo Mens Sleeves

Grey Dotted Design Ufo Tattoo Mens Arms

Grey Ink Ufo And 3D Cubical Tattoo Mens Forearms

Guys Arms Ufo And Explosive Asteroids Tattoo

Guys Calves Crashed Ufo On Earth Tattoo

Guys Calves New Moon And Ufo Tattoo

Guys Elbow Red Light Ufo Tattoo

Guys Forearms Dotted Greyish Alien And Ufo Tattoo

Guys Forearms Inspirational Ufo Tattoo

Guys Lower Leg One Eyed Grey Dotted Ufo Tattoo Design Ideas

Guys Sleeves Splendid Green Ufo Tattoo

Guy With Grey Black Ufo Tattoo On Lower Legs

Guy With Nice Dotted Ufo Tattoo On Calves

Guy With Ufo On Mountain Ranges And Cow Tattoo On Thigh

Hlaf Sleeve Spaceship Over Pyramids Tattoo On Man

Huge Dark Eyed Alien And Ufo Tattoo Male Arms

Impressive Black Pencil Art Ufo Tattoo Male Foot

Impressive Grey Dotted Ufo Tattoo Mens Forearms

Impressive Red Extraterrestrial Object Tattoo Mens Upper Arms

Incredible Grey Outer Space Themed Tattoo Guys Full Back

Innovative Ufo Sketched In Red Mans Face Tattoo Guys Back

Jet Black Dotted Ufo Tattoo Guys Lower Legs

Jet Black Shaded Ufo Tattoo Male Forearms

Male Arms Dog Abduction By Aliens Tattoo

Male Calves Amazing Ufo Over Cozy House Tattoo

Male Forearms Black Spiral Design And Ufo Tattoo

Male Forearms Geometric Lines And Ufo Tattoo

Male Forearms Green Spotlight Ufo Tattoo With Skull

Male Forearms Maroon Spaceship Tattoo

Male Forearms Superb Ufo Tattoo

Male Sleeves Stunning Dark Skeleton And Space Shuttle Tattoo

Male Torso Man Pulled By Blue Rays Of Ufo Tattoo

Marvellous Skull And Ufo Tattoo Guys Arms

Mens Arms 3D Flying Saucer Tattoo

Mens Arms 3D Grey Ufo Tattoo

Mens Arms Grey Dotwork Art Of Ufo Tattoo

Mens Arms Grey Tattoo Getting Pulled Into Ufo

Mens Calves Grey Clouds And Bright Ufo Tattoo

Mens Calves Small Ufo And Pine Trees Tattoo

Mens Calves Ufo On A Camp Night Tattoo

Mens Cute Grey Ufo Tattoo On Forearms

Mens Forearms Gray Oval Shaped Tattoo With Ufo

Mens Forearms Grey Black Spaceships And Alien Tattoo

Mens Forearms Innovative Ufo Rays On Beast Tattoo

Mens Forearms Lines And Dots Ufo Tattoo

Mens Forearms Pyramids Getting Sucked By Ufo Tattoo

Mens Forearms Stunning Grey Ufo Tattoo

Mens Forearms Swinging Girl And Spaceship Tattoo

Mens Lower Leg Smokey Ufo And Black Spirals Tattoo

Mens Sleeves Purple Shaded Outer Space Tattoos

Mens Sleeves Realistic Grey Eye And Spaceship Tattoos

Mens Thigh Belief In Outer Space Tattoos

Mens Thighs Orange Lighted Spacecrafts Tattoos

One Eyed Orange Ray From Space Shuttle Tattoo Male Forearms

Original Dotwork Tattoo Of Ufo Mans Arms

Poor Dark Cow Pulled Into Ufo Tattoo Mens Arms

Rainbow Lights From Ufo Tattoo Mens Arms

Red Lighted Flying Discs Over Bungalow Tattoo Mens Arms

Red Lights Of Ufo On Bony Cow Tattoo Mens Calves

Small0ufo On A Snowy Night Tattoo Male Lower Legs

Sparkling Yellow Light From Ufo Tattoo Mens Forehead

Spectacular Mens Full Sleeve Outer Space Tattoo

Spectacular Spacecraft And Alien Tattoo Forearms Male

Stunning Grey Dotted Work Tattoo Of Ufo Skull Tattoo Guys Sleeves

Stunning Grey Tattoo Design Of Ufo Abducting A Man On Mens Forearms

Stunning Outer Space Shuttle Tattoo Guys Sleeves

Stylish Skull And Ufo Tattoo Mens Forearms

Tiny Dark Ufo Tattoo Guys Arms

Ufo Abducting Man Tattoo Male Arms

Ufo Over The Egyptian Pyramids Tattoo Male Forearms

Ufo Pulling Wolly Sheep Tattoo Male Calves

Ufo With White Smoke And Black Spiral Tattoo Male Foot

Unconventional Ufo Tattoo Male Forearms

Unique Ufo Over Tall Trees Tattoo Mens Lowe Legs

Wonderful Ufo Tattoo Male Forearms

Yellow Rays From Ufo Tattoo Mens Forearms

Yellow Stars And Ufo Tattoo Mens Arms