Panthers are mysterious creatures that stalk the jungle by night in deathly stillness and even deadlier patience.

Dangerous by undeniably sophisticated, the panther will wait for as long as it takes to overcome their target–and there’s no overpowering them once they do.

The panther has long been used a symbol of unwavering force and prestige in both native and European cultures, with royal coats of arms often bearing the panther on their crests.

During the Medieval period, panthers were viewed as symbols of Christ, with knights often depicting the panther in mortal combat with a dragon on their banners, the mark of one with unquestionable Christian loyalties.

Panthers would later go on to represent freedom, equality, and revolution, as well as motherhood and protection. With such a rich history and so many deeply-rooted meanings, it’s no wonder that the panther has taken its place among the most prestigious tattoo designs. Dangerous but alluring, proud and patient, there’s no questioning the parallels between the panther and the man who wears its likeness on his arm, shoulder, or leg.

Shaded in onyx black or surrounded by lush jungle undergrowth, the panther is both a beautiful calling card and seductively subtle warning.


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