Diamonds have long been held as well-known symbols of wealth and beauty, worn since ancient times in everything from jewelry to armor, and even encrusted on thrones and tombs.

Ancient cultures around the world believed that diamonds could protect the wearer from evil forces, and bestow the strength to overcome one’s greatest fears.

Diamonds have similarly been linked to potency and insight; in the Middle Ages only priests and royalty were allowed to wear them. European legends abound with tales of Satan not being able to bear the sight of a diamond’s brilliant light.

The word diamond is derived from the Greek word meaning “invincible,” providing deep insight into those who seek it for tattoo inspiration. Simply put, it is nearly impossible to destroy a diamond. Created by the massive weighing down of carbon deposits, diamonds are the stunning result of literally years of overwhelming pressure. Feel familiar?

Arguably the most precious and sought after stones in the world, diamonds are an ideal tattoo choice for those who embody unbreakable grace and beauty under–and because of–pressure.

Numerous design elements can be incorporated into a diamond tattoo, such as roses, skulls, crosses, wings, crowns, or heart motifs, and white highlighting can increase the shine effect of the diamond. A symbol of beauty, perseverance, and protection, the diamond is so much more than a mere bauble, it’s the mark of one who not only bears the weight of the world, but glories in the pressure that can only bring about a breakthrough.

However elaborate or simple the design, there’s no mistaking the diamond tattoo or its wearer as anything but a force to be reckoned with, however patiently they withstand adversity.


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