Texas has been associated with all kinds of meanings throughout the years, and some of the symbols associated with that state are still carried within the design. For example, the Texas star is usually associated with a Texas ranger who was brave enough to patrol the wild west outlaws.

Of course, there are symbols of the state itself that usually represent a person’s pride regarding their state and heritage.

This is a more personal type of tattoo because the state could mean all kinds of things to this particular person. It could represent anything from family to statehood pride. The state has officially adopted the nickname, The Lone Star State that has aggressively become a big part of the Texan culture, not to mention tattoos, too.

Of course, some would prefer to adopt another part of the Texan culture that could be called theatrical, though no one can deny its awesomeness, which is the cowboy culture. This can be highlighted with symbols of a lasso, cowboy hat, pistols, or even a bull.

There is no telling just how cool a Texan tattoo can be until enough time and patience is given to the piece, but the possibilities are endless.


Amazing Male Forearm Sleeve Tattoo Of Texas State Flag

Awesome Male Texas Flag Half Sleeve Ripped Skin Tattoo Design

Awesome Small Texas Bull Skull Guys Flag Tattoo On Chest

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Black Ink Longhorn Male Small Texas Inspired Tattoo On Forearm

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Geometrical 3d Optical Illusion Texas Guys Leg Tattoo

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Mens 3d Stone Texas State Hand Tattoos

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