One thing about Taurean getting tattoos is that it takes them forever to make up their minds.

If you are born between April 20 and May 20, it’s very likely that you may be struggling about whether or not to get inked or what kind of tattoo should you go for.

But Taureans are also those that are the least likely to regret their decisions, probably thanks to all the time it takes to decide. 

As ruled by the planet of Venus, those who are born under the sign of Taurus have their unique understanding of beauty. It’s not very likely for them to get a tattoo because of hype or a trend. Oftentimes, they get tattooed because they are drawn to a certain pattern that can express themselves in an artistic way

For Taurus, getting inked is also a lifetime self-promise. That’s why they always go for the patterns that are gorgeous but not over-the-top.

So if you are a Taurean, here are 52 Taurus tattoo ideas of different styles (that are not just bull signs). Find the one that “ink-spires” you and follow your heart.

52 Gorgeous Taurus Tattoos that should be your next ink

Table Of Content

16 Stunning bull tattoos for Taurus
9 Taurus zodiac symbol tattoos
20 Gorgeous Taurus tattoos for female
6 Taurus star sign and constellation tattoos

16 Stunning bull tattoos for Taurus

The Ox, or the Bull, is the zodiac symbol of the Taurus sign. It seems to be an obvious choice when it comes to getting a Taurus tattoo. The bull also represents the earthy quality of the Taurus sign.

If you are super down-to-earth as well, here are some of the best bull tattoo ideas you may love.

A bull tattoo with flowers under the chest

Via Instagram

A black gradient bull tattoo

Designed by @pieris_tattoo

A bull tattoo between the boobs

Designed by @el_mar_abierto

Geometric bull tattoo on the arm

Designed by @lukeharding_tattooist

This tattoo is a rather complex design that combines the bull and mountain.

If you are a Taurus who enjoys traveling and exploring, this can be a motto tattoo for you.

A stunning Taurus tattoo with impressive details

Designed by @sarahgaugler

For those who are seeking details, this Taurus tattoo is a piece of art. The whole design is refined to each line and the work that’s put in it is well paid-off.

The full moon and Taurus constellation

Designed by @tattooist_sigak

A rhombus arm tattoo

Designed by @frankmonroe27

A whole-back zodiac tattoo

Designed by @summa_tattoo

A bull mandala arm tattoo

Designed by @parvati_tattoo_art

A realistic bull tattoo on the back of the shoulder

Designed by @ezer.artwork

A stunning zodiac back tattoo with contrasting colors

Image from @anchit92

A bull skull foot tattoo

Designed by @edelstich_tattoo

A bull mandala tattoo

Designed by @nadoz_tattoo

A unique geometric colored tattoo

Designed by @polyc_sj

A half-bull half-cat tattoo

Designed by @signum_tattoo

The soulmate sleeve tattoo

Designed by @tattooming1

A complex and symbolic bull skull tattoo

Designed by @xoxotattoo

9 Taurus zodiac symbol tattoos

For Taureans that want to keep their tattoos low-profile, a small ox symbol tattoo can be something to start with.

A Taurus sign in bold on the back


A Taurus sign in bold on the back

Designed by @indianempire_ttt

An asymmetric arrow tattoo

Via Pinterest

This minimalist small Taurus tattoo combines the silhouette of a horn and a bow, creating a totally new sign that belongs to no one else.

Sneak tattoo in the shape of the bull sign

Designed by

Horoscope tattoos for couples

Image from @katie_good_year

Compared to getting matching couple tattoos, getting a tattoo of your own sign in the same style can be a much better idea.

Even if you two end up separating (let’s hope it never happens), you can still keep the tattoo the same way without a lifetime of regret.

A watercolor Taurus back tattoo

Image from @paula.troyack

Symbols inline

Via Your Tango

A Taurus lunar tattoo

Designed by @paralinetattoo

A black and bold Taurus symbol you can’t ignore

Designed by

20 Gorgeous Taurus tattoos for female

Taurus females are one of the most diversified people on earth.

You have Adele who’s into small meaningful tattoos. And you also have Megan Fox who got Marilyn Monroe inked on the forearm.

So here is a collection of Taurus tattoos for women that may be bold, may be down-to-earth, but are definitely gorgeous.

An emerald Taurus goddess tattoo

Designed by @lilianraya

Emerald is the birthstone of May.

For Taurean that is born in May, this tattoo is an ideal identity piece. Its vibrant colors also capture all the attention that it deserves.

A girly Taurus arm tattoo

Designed by

A playful Taurus tattoo design

Designed by @saraburnsred

A mysterious Taurus tattoo for female

Image from @cahinkart

A watercolor Venus tattoo

Designed by @hktattoo_tina

The sign of Taurus is ruled by the planet of Venus. So if you are not a fan of the “bull” sign and don’t want a tattoo that screams “Taurus”, choosing the element of Venus can be a perfect alternative and a conversation starter as well.

Tribal tattoo on the back

Via Pinterest

An emerald gemstone arm tattoo

Image from @jayymarietee

The Taurus goddess tattoo

Designed by @jezzabellgem

Minimalist constellation tattoo on the arm

Designed by @raebeat_tattoo

Taurus and Leo matching tattoos

Designed by @pinpointtatt

Not just the bull sign or the constellation, this chest tattoo is a combination of both. It’s not a tiny tattoo, but its daintiness makes it a perfect tattoo for women as well.

A small girly tattoo above the ankle

Designed by

A unique moon phase Taurus tattoo

Designed by @barbaretez

A Libra and Taurus matching couple tattoo

Designed by @suhasinigour

A traditional Taurus goddess tattoo

Designed by @marilentattoo

A cute floral zodiac tattoo for girls

Designed by @stickandpeg

A detailed Taurean arm tattoo

Designed by @nedpinesart

A blackwork sleeve tattoo

Designed by @mrdavidpoe

A landscape tattoo with Taurus constellation

Designed by @boundingdoe

A girly thigh tattoo of the Taurean goddess

Designed by

A floral ink in the shape of the Taurus sign symbol

Designed by @betaamundy

6 Taurus star sign and constellation tattoos

Nothing is more ink-worthy for astrology believers than getting constellation tattoos.

Unlike a bull tattoo, most star sign constellations tattoos are about dots, stars and lines. Instead of screaming “I’m Taurus” out loud, a constellation tattoo is more mysterious. It has people guessing and talking.

A minimalist constellation tattoo on the neck

Image from @kimberleydavise

A stars tattoo on the rib

Designed by @patyfedrigo

A floral horn tattoo on the background of the Taurus constellation

Designed by @ladvtattoos

A small and elegant daisy constellation tattoo

Designed by @firstjing

Simple but cute constellation tattoo on the ankle

Designed by @zomon_tattoo

Constellation bracelet tattoos for Taurus and Leo couple

Designed by @sey8n

So here are all the Taurus tattoo ideas. Have you found the one for you?

If you want to know more about Taurus as a zodiac sign and the personality traits, check out this video down below.

Until next time.