Unconventional with substantial meaning, small unique tattoos offer a great insight into the omnipresent world of tattoos. Some men may feel that these tiny tattoos are a compromise in their masculinity, but it is known that dynamite comes in small packages.

Too cliche? Bite the bullet because small unique tattoos offer a new scope for tattoo artists.

When a man walks into a tattoo shop and requests one of these tats, the artist will not be deceived by the facile design of these intricate works of art. Traditionally, women were ahead in the trend that is tiny. Ladies beware, men are catching up.

Expressive and complimentary, small unique tattoos have a lot to offer. They pack a punch when a man chooses the right tattoo. Open your mind to the perpetual possibilities. Set the tone of the skin’s canvas with a suave sports logo, or a provocative statement piece. Small tattoos don’t compromise a man’s identity. Rather, small tattoos enhance the masculinity of a man in his ability to embrace variety and artistry.

A theorist might suggest that these tattoos are an innovative way for men to embrace their machismo and proudly declare who they are in this world. Ladies are bound to be impressed by a fearless man who digs deep and declares himself with the paradox that small unique tattoos have to offer.


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