Isn’t, when you’re thinking about getting a tattoo inked on your body, you usually prefer getting something that is personal and significant for you such as – something that describes about your character, your past history, the things and signs you love and believe in and the sayings that hold important place in your life. Tattoo enthusiasts! This year, do you want to opt for small tattoos? Then, let’s talk about small tattoo ideas with powerful meanings! Yeah, that’s true – to most people, size does matter because some people are scared of tolerating the pain while some other may prefer keeping their tattoo simple and minimalist, so that the design matches well with their professional atmosphere.

Friends! If you are still confused and couldn’t make out what will be the design you would like to wear permanently on your skin, the attractive small tattoo designs with strong meaning mentioned in the post will surely help you decide what you want. Yes, each of these design convey different meaning to different people. Tattoo lovers, we advise you to think through every aspect of your tattoo before you get it engraved in the form of permanent tat. Because, tattoos are truly beautiful pieces of art, but if they are overdone, the results are weird and sometimes disastrous. So, here are 20 tattoos where you can’t go wrong!

Small Tattoo Designs With Strong Meaning

Anchor Tattoo!

It is meant as a symbol of strength and stability, something or someone that always holds you in place and provides you with inner strength to face the tough situations no matter how rough things get.

The Zen Circle!

Though the design is quite old, but it’s becoming a popular choice of today. The swish of the circle looks absolutely stunning, graceful and crisp. Interestingly, the incomplete circle symbolizes the Universe. It also stands for inner strength and enlightenment.

Little Om!

The Om symbol is actually a sound or vibration that has a deep meaning. The upward and downward lines in the symbol signify the beginning and end of life. This powerful symbol stands for kindness, truth, compassion, joy and manifestation.


This symbol is universally accepted as a great tattoo theme to opt for. Being a life giver itself, the sun symbolizes rebirth and fertility. Moreover, it also stands for power and new beginning.


Dragonflies are considered as one of the best small tattoo designs with strong meaning, especially for women. Well! Dragonflies are a symbol of good luck, harmony, prosperity and strength.

Heart Tattoo!

Each heart tattoo conveys different meaning to the person who is wearing it, but the actual meaning of the heart symbol is love, friendship, passion, loyalty and relationships. However, with your imagination you can modify heart tattoo design in the way you prefer most.

Lotus Flower!

Are you looking for feminine tattoos, a lotus flower is always a good idea. Though, it grows in muddy water, but it is this environment that gives the required forth the flower’s first and signifies – rising and blooming.

Glyphs Tattoo!

So, charming! Glyphs are like elemental symbols in Greek. The symbol is a constant reminder about the thing that through the journey of life, one must never stop exploring.

Feather Tattoo!

Feather tattoo ranks among significant small tattoo designs with strong meaning. The reason of their popularity is their distinctive beauty. Surprisingly, they have contradictory representations. In one sense, the feather tattoo signifies death or loss and in other sense, it symbolizes birth and luck.

The Phases of the Moon!

The symbol is a reminder of how inconsistent life is! In this unique tattoo design, moon stands for life, power and fertility. And the phases signify how life is constantly changing.

Lock and Key Tattoo!

The symbolic meaning of lock and key tattoo can be different depending on the situation. It’s probably one of the most interesting small tattoo designs with strong meaning. The tattoo symbolizes secret, locked passion or the key can be dedicated to a person close to your heart.

Infinity Tattoo!

Infinity symbol is most popular among couples, who want to show their commitment, extreme love and never-ending relationship to others.

Rose Tattoo!

Nowadays, rose tattoos are among popular choice of tattoos and can either be colorful or done in black. Well! Roses are a symbol of love, beauty, passion and strength.


When you’re talking about small tattoo designs with strong meaning, how can you miss out wings? The wings tattoos design come in all shapes and sizes and mostly stands for freedom.

Tree of Life!

In many cultures, trees are considered as sacred symbols. Tree symbols look beautiful and very easily grab others attention. They symbolize strength, knowledge, protection and eternal life.

Tantalizing Stars!

STARS are gorgeous, right! This tiny tattoo design stands for truth, hope and spirit. And, it seems like they are guiding you through rough and unknown paths.

Penguin Tattoo!

If you want to keep your tattoo simple yet stylish, a penguin design at the side of your neck looks extremely pretty as top small tattoo designs with strong meaning. Penguins symbolize peace and rarity.

A Music Note Tattoo Pattern!

Music lovers! This is the perfect design for you. If you are shy in expressing your love for music, a small music note on the inside part of your wrist looks graceful and eye-catchy.

Compass Tattoo!

If you want to achieve a tomboyish personality, the compass tattoo design looks interesting and captivating. Generally, the compass tattoo stands for the people who are on the perfect direction in their lives.

If you didn’t find the perfect one for you, then, no need to get disappointed. Because the journey doesn’t end here, as we’ve another collection of small tattoo designs for women which is equipped with some more innovative and meaningful designs.

This is what we can provide you all about small tattoos and their meanings. Well! It’s really tough to find perfect tattoos with meaning, but these small tattoo designs with strong meaning are truly inspirational and personal, and when they seem modern, trendy and cool, they mean much more than a small symbol or shape. Don’t forget, though small tattoos are little and cute, but besides that they convey a whole beautiful story hidden behind them. Also, if you’re interested in getting a small tattoo, then choose something which is meaningful.