Sometimes the simplest designs carry the deepest meanings. The wave, even in its crudest form, has held a powerful place in ancient imagery, a symbol of the natural forces the move and, conversely, challenge us.

For many cultures, the wave is a gentle reminder that you can indeed choose to fight the current and risk being swept away, or trust in the timeless tide to deliver you to where you are destined to go.

For those who dwell near or on the water, the wave is often worn as a protective totem, a message of unity with the elements. Sailors, swimmers, and surfers alike all understand that the tide is much greater than themselves, and respect the forces beyond their control.

The simple wave tattoo is just that: a simple but decisive symbol of one’s acceptance that there are greater forces in the world compelling us, that depending on one’s outlook and approach life can be a constant struggle or smooth sailing. Worn on the wrist, arm, or over the heart, the wave can be a guiding totem even for the modern navigator.


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