Most people will look quizzically at you when you mention the word ouroboros, but almost everyone will recognize the symbol when they see it. So what is an ouroboros? It is the ancient symbol of a snake or dragon eating its own tail.

The ouroboros symbolizes wholeness or infinity.

It is a representation of constant recreation of oneself and the cycle of life which, like the phoenix, renews even as it ends.

This mysterious symbol first appeared in ancient Egypt in the tomb of Tutankhamun in the Enigmatic Book of the Netherworld, and has persisted through to the modern day through almost every society including Norse mythology, in which the ouroboros represents Jörmungandr, the child of Loki and Angrboda. In this legend, Jörmungandr became so massive that he could circle the entire world and bite his own tail with his teeth.

Ultimately all societies view the ouroboros as the epitome of infinity and renewal. It is a universal concept that has mystical meaning in all cultures now. It is one of the most beautiful ways to express the concept of self-renewal, and is a symbol of knowledge and acceptance. It’s an expression that says “with every end comes a beautiful new beginning.”


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