You Can Never Go Wrong With A Minimalist Tattoo

A minimalist tattoo is basically a tiny design that does not draw attention much to itself. Many people choose to get such tattoo designs because they can be easily hidden, altered, and even removed if necessary.

In case you consider getting a small tattoo, here are some tips for you:

  • Choose your tattoo artist with precaution. Research this person.
  • Plan everything beforehand, there is no need to rush.
  • Take into account your pain threshold. Pick the body part for your tattoo accordingly.
  • If you have a mole, do not try to cover it with a tattoo. Then in case your mole changes, you won’t be able to notice it at once and thus diagnose an issue.
  • Don’t even think about drinking alcohol before you go to the tattoo parlor.

Now let’s discover small tattoos for your inspo. Go pick some cool design!

Minimalist Tattoo Style To Emphasize Your Femininity

Minimalist tattoo designs have been popular like forever. In its essence, minimalism is ‘less is more.’ Tattoo designs in a minimalist style are clean, timeless, and crisp. Such designs often feature geometric shapes, dot work, graphic lines.

To achieve a clear image, a tattoo artist who works in a minimalist style would prefer a single needle machine over multiple needles. A single needle machine is more effective for rendering the design that is ultra-delicate. As a result, the image on the skin is reminiscent of a monochromatic pencil sketch. But it doesn’t mean that minimalist designs are always dainty. There are also many tattoo artists who use single, clean lines to get abstract, graphic shapes and thus make a statement.

Source: frappeink via Instagram, studiobysol via Instagram, frappeink via Instagram
Minimalist Tattoos Idea For Your Arm #galaxytattoo #planetstattoo #armtattoo
Minimalist Arm Tattoo Design #armtattoo
Arm Tattoo  Design With Constellation #constellation #armtattoo

Minimalist Flower Tattoo Designs For Your Side Body

Source: rey.jasper via Instagram, mini_tattooer via Instagram, soltattoo via Instagram
Minimalist Flower Tattoo Design For Your Side Body #sidebodytattoo #flowertattoo

Side Body Floral Minimalist Tattoo Design #watercolortattoo #sidebodytattoo
Minimalist Pink Flowers Design #flowertattoo

Sternum Tattoo Ideas In A Minimalist Style

Source: elizabethturn via Instagram, kalula_tattoo via Instagram, vane_tattoo_ via Instagram
Sternum Tattoo Idea In A Minimalist Style #sternumtattoo #underbreaststatoo

Minimalist Sternum Tattoo Design #sternumtattoo
Minimalist Sternum Tattoo Design With Flower #flowertattoo #sternumtattoo #underboobtattoo

Delicate Designs For Your Leg

Source: gullsahkaraca via Instagram, tattooist_banul via Instagram, handitrip via Instagram
Delicate Design For Your Leg #lavendertattoo #legtattoo

Minimalist Flower Tattoo Design #flowertattoo #legtattoo
Lotus Flower Tattoo Design For Ankle #lotusflowertattoo

Tiny Wrist Tattoos In A Minimalist Style

Source: frappeink via Instagram, mini_tattooer via Instagram
Tiny Wrist Tattoo In A Minimalist Style #wristtattoo #galaxytattoo

Cute Unicorn Tattoo Design For Wrist #unicorntattoo #wristtattoo
Floral Bracelet Tattoo For Wrist #wristtattoo
Source: playground_tat2 via Instagram, mini_tattooer via Instagram
Small Minimalist Tattoo Design For Wrist #wristtattoo #cattattoo

Minimalist Floral Tattoo Design For Wrist #wristtattoo
 Minimalist Watercolor Flower Design #flowertattoo #wristtattoo

Small Hidden Minimalist Tattoos For Fingers

Source: joannamroman via Instagram
Lotus Flower Tattoo Design #lotusflowertattoo #lotustattoo

Minimalist Tattoo Design For Fingers #fingertattoo
Single Rose Tatto Design #rosetattoo
Source: playground_tat2 via Instagram, via Instagram, mini_tattooer via Instagram
Couple Finger Tattoos Idea #coupletattoo #fingertattoo

Photo Camera Tattoo Idea For Photo Lovers #fingertattoo
Small Heart Tattoo On Finger #fingertattoo #hearttattoo

We bet you like this tiny tattoo art so much that you will get your tattoo soon. In the meantime, don’t leave so soon. Our blog is full of inspirational ideas!

Main photo by joannamroman