Light bulb tattoo designs are quite popular and their meanings are often associated with the idea of enlightenment, brightness, and creative thinking.

The light bulb is one of the most important and useful inventions. Today, the bulb is used everywhere to create light: in our homes, at workplaces, and on the streets. The first functional light bulb was invented by Thomas Edison, but before him, another 22 researchers made similar devices.

The light bulb has become a universal symbol for ‘I have an idea’ and is often used in cartoons. It reflects the creative thinking and the notion of a ‘bright idea’.

Inked on the skin, a light bulb tattoo commonly represents human thinking and pays homage to the inventors of the bulb and even to science. But a light bulb is an endless source of inspiration for tattoo artists, being the base of the most creative tattoo ideas. Discover below the most artistic light bulb tattoos and get inspired.

#1 Dotwork Light Bulb on Inner ForearmDotwork Light Bulb Tattoo by malwina8 Photo: malwina8

#2 Ferocious Shark Inside Light BulbBlackwork Light Bulb Tattoo by merry_tattooer Photo: merry_tattooer

#3 Watercolor Light Bulb TattooWatercolor Light Bulb Tattoo by dopeindulgence Photo: dopeindulgence

#4 Minimalist Design on ArmMinimalist Light Bulb Tattoo by robcarvalhoart

 Photo: robcarvalhoart

#5 Light Bulb and Little BallerinaLight Bulb Tattoo by ilwolhongdam Photo: ilwolhongdam

#6 Delicate Tree Inside Light BulbLight Bulb Tattoo by ilwolhongdam  Photo: ilwolhongdam

#7 Shuttered Light Bulb on RibsShuttered Light Bulb Tattoo by tomtomtatts 

Photo: tomtomtatts

#8 Single Line Light Bulb TattooSingle Line Light Bulb Tattoo by moganji Photo: moganji

#9 Sketch Style Bulb TattooSketch Style Bulb Tattoo by vt_kazantsevPhoto: vt_kazantsev

#10 Light Bulb Shuttered by NatureLight Bulb Tattoo by 


#11 Brain Bulb TattooLight Bulb Tattoo by robgreennyc Photo: robgreennyc

#12 Light Bulb Tattoo on BicepLight Bulb Tattoo by jessicasvartvit Photo: jessicasvartvit

#13 Creative Design on LegLight Bulb Tattoo by lordenstein_art

 Photo: lordenstein_art

#14 Beautiful Tree Inside BulbLight Bulb Tattoo by _ch11388 Photo: _ch11388

#15 Fist in a BulbLight Bulb Tattoo by nothingwildtattoo Photo: nothingwildtattoo

#16 Earth Bulb and FlowersBulb Tattoo by ricardodamaiatattoo

 Photo: ricardodamaiatattoo

#17 Broken Light BulbBroken Light Bulb Tattoo by lucatestadiferroPhoto: lucatestadiferro

#18 Brain in a Light BulbLight Bulb Tattoo by uncl_paul_knows Photo: uncl_paul_knows

#19 Watercolor Bulb with Geometric ElementsWatercolor Bulb Tattoo by ruthbautistatattoos

 Photo: ruthbautistatattoos

#20 Geometric Light Bulb Tattoo and ArrowsGeometric Light Bulb Tattoo by tohelltattoo Photo: tohelltattoo

#21 Minimalist Light Bulb in a SquareMinimalist Light Bulb Tattoo by chinatown_stropky Photo: chinatown_stropky

#22 Blackwork Mandala Bulb on LegMandala Bulb Tattoo by homemaderulez 

Photo: homemaderulez

#23 Black Ink Bulb and ButterflyBlack Ink Bulb Tattoo by homemaderulez Photo: homemaderulez

#24 Dotwork Bulb and Books on TricepDotwork Bulb Tattoo by masciadelgrande Photo: masciadelgrande

#25 Space Light Bulb on ForearmSpace Light Bulb by


#26 Dotwork Bulb and Anatomical Heart on BicepDotwork Bulb Tattoo by goldy_zPhoto: goldy_z

#27 Gorgeous Watercolor Bulb TattooWatercolor Bulb Tattoo by blvckwvlf Photo: blvckwvlf

#28 Fantasy Sleeve TattooFantasy Light Bulb Tattoo by antikorpo 

Photo: antikorpo

#29 Baby Breath, Queen Anne’s Lace and Rudbeckia Inside BulbFloral Bulb Tattoo by alexandyrvalentine Photo: alexandyrvalentine

#30 Tiny Light Bulb Tattoo Behind The EarTiny Light Bulb Tattoo by maria.wheat.tattoos Photo: maria.wheat.tattoos

#31 Light Bulb and Koi Fishes on HandLight Bulb Tattoo by jentonic_

 Photo: jentonic_

#32 Edison Light BulbEdison Light Bulb Tattoo by carolyn_elaine_tattoo Photo: carolyn_elaine_tattoo

#33 Linework and Dotwork Bulb on BackLinework and Dotwork Bulb Tattoo by marla_moon Photo: marla_moon

#34 Stunning Light Bulb SkullLight Bulb Skull by val_tatboo

 Photo: val_tatboo

#35 Light Bulb Tattoo on ChestLight Bulb Tattoo by emegarciatatuadora Photo: emegarciatatuadora

#36 All Seeing Light BulbAll Seeing Light Bulb Tattoo by emmabrosnanartPhoto: emmabrosnanart

#37 Another Splendid Single Line DesignSingle Line Light Bulb Tattoo by east_ssc

 Photo: east_ssc

#38 Sketchy Light Bulb and a ToothSketchy Light Bulb Tattoo by rachelhasajournal Photo: rachelhasajournal

#39 Blackwork Piece with Skull and CandleBlackwork Light Bulb Tattoo by davidraminhostattoo Photo: davidraminhostattoo

#40 Mountain Landscape and Stary Night Inside BulbLandscape Bulb Tattoo by homemaderulez 

Photo: homemaderulez

#41 Moth Inside a Light BulbDotwork Light Bulb Tattoo by klaudia_holdaPhoto: klaudia_holda

#42 Sketchy Light Bulb Tattoo and FlowersSketchy Light Bulb Tattoo by artemkorobov_tattoo_art Photo: artemkorobov_tattoo_art

#43 Minimalist Blue Ink Light BulbBlue Ink Light Bulb Tattoo by fedi_ginger 

Photo: fedi_ginger

#44 Neotraditional Lighthouse and Light Bulb on ThighNeotraditional Light Bulb Tattoo by jayfletcher23 Photo: jayfletcher23

#45 Cosmic Light Bulb Tattoo on Inner ForearmCosmic Light Bulb Tattoo by broslavskiy Photo: broslavskiy

#46 Jellyfish Bulb on BicepJellyfish Bulb Tattoo by _favry 

Photo: _favry

#47 Watercolor Light Bulb and Paper AirplaneWatercolor Light Bulb Tattoo by carolamartitattoo Photo: carolamartitattoo

#48 Galactic Light Bulb Tattoo on LegGalactic Light Bulb Tattoo by krlkrl_ Photo: krlkrl_

#49 Terrarium Light Bulb on CalfTerrarium Light Bulb Tattoo by shirmaineanne

 Photo: shirmaineanne

#50 Aquarium Light Bulb TattooAquarium Light Bulb Tattoo by kikainkPhoto: kikaink