It takes time to create a tattoo sleeve as it occupies a broad area. That’s not the only challenge with this type of tattoo. You have to make sure that the tattoo is big enough that it covers the entire arm. Otherwise, it will look awkward. While a tattoo sleeve is awesome to look at, the gaps can look unsightly. Those gaps can be made less visible with filler tattoos, maybe in the form of stars, geometric shapes, and others. You should be more creative with the blank space.

Geometric Tattoo Filler 2

There are many tattoo styles you can consider for filling the gaps, one of which is the geometric style. A geometric tattoo filler would be a good addition to the main tattoo because it’s synonymous with symmetry. In fact, it will help elevate its charm. It’s difficult to draw the same pattern over and over again. That’s why we think applying this particular design requires hard work. Your tattoo artist should also have good technical skill to make it happen.

Geometric Tattoo Filler 3

Making a perfect geometric tattoo filler

It’s not about the intricacy. The way a pattern drawn many times is much more difficult. All the repeated shapes should look identical with each other in terms of size. It’s the only way to create a perfect geometric pattern. A combination of several geometric shapes can form a design that has cultural significance. You may have heard of the Mandala tattoo before. This particular design can be made up of geometric shapes. The style arose from Hindu beliefs. It also plays a part in Buddhist culture. If you want to have a memorable tattoo filler, this distinctive style can be an option. It’s mostly characterized by a floral pattern. As for the meaning, it stands for balance and harmony.

Geometric Tattoo Filler 4

And there’s also the Gordion knot, which according to Greek Legend is depicted as a strong tie that’s impossible to break. It’s heavily associated with Alexander the Great. Have you been in a situation where you got stuck with a problem and then suddenly found an easy solution by thinking out of the box? This tattoo would be great if you face these kind of problems all the time.

Geometric Tattoo Filler

There’s also the metatron cube. It’s comprised of a circle eclipsed by 13 other circles. The design looks like a flower sketch, except it’s more rugged due to the geometric shapes. There are many other cool geometric tattoo filler ideas for you. Just pick one based on your interest. If you’re a wise individual like what your friends probably always say, getting an owl tattoo sounds terrific. The head of an owl can be made up of geometric shapes. That would be a wonderful piece of art.

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