Not all tattoos are created equally – some were made on a heavily drunken night only bringing regret later on, some were thoroughly premeditated, others are strictly monochrome, and some are plenty colorful, but these are purely magical. These tattoo designs glow in the dark when a UV lamp is used, making them look straight out of a Sci-Fi movie.

The main attraction for these glow in the dark tattoos is the fact that these designs are almost or entirely invisible in daylight, therefore a prime choice for those, who’d rather keep their body art to themselves. You know, quitting a good job with a strict appearance policy is not necessary anymore, if you want to get a tattoo inked. The only setback for these UV tattoos is probably the use of the chemical element phosphorus in ink. Phosphorus is also used in fireworks, toothpaste, explosives, and pesticides, so before putting UV tattoo ink under your skin, an allergic reaction test is advised.

Cautions aside, we’d like to shine some light on these amazing glow in the dark tattoo ideas. Not only because they are such unusual and unique tattoos, but also because of the designs themselves, even if they weren’t glowing, are truly exceptional. So scroll down below and don’t forget to vote and comment on the ones that deserve it the most in this tattoo gallery!

Watsky Inspired Tattoo. It Has UV Reactive Ink.

Image credits: Tigerslili