Hello Everyone! Hope you guys are going good and enjoying your tattoos. What brings you here then a new Tattoo Design or are you the new person who is going to ink for the first time. If you are looking for something trendy and amazing tattoo design then you have come to right website onlinetattoosideas.com. We have the most amazing and unique tattoo design and Ideas. Today’s latest topic is Blackwork Tattoos. It is one of the most popular tattoo design which is used by millions of peoples with adding different designs in it. Blackwork Tattoo is a form of body art which is ink with full Thick Black Ink to tattoo.

blackwork tattoos

geometric Blackwork Tattoos

blackwork tattoo design

Blackwork Tattoos on hand


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Bold Blackwork Tattoos Designs For Men & Women With Images

People think that inking is all about bright and different color inking. It is not true because the original color of tattoo ink is Black which is used from ages at the time when Tattoo was introduced to people. Blackwork Tattoos is also known as Neo Tribal Tattoos or Polynesian Tattoo. Men and Women are into these designs very much. It is the most used tattoo. In ancient time people use to color their faces and body making with Black ink because there was no colorful ink at that time. A few decades ago a safe chemical came into existence which produces a color which can be used in Tattooing purpose.

Blackwork Tattoos ideas

Blackwork Tattoo

coverup tattoos

blackwork tattoo on shoulder

black ink

Blackwork Tattoo Design is a symbol of boldness and strength. This Tattoo is getting popularity day by day as it is bringing Linework Tattoo and Dotwork Tattoo to an extreme with tint areas and Geometrical Patterns. Blackwork tattoos are also used in for the purpose of Coverup Tattoos or old Tattoos. There are some of the Top Artists who are very specialized in Blackwork Tattoos there Name is mention below.

  1. Keith
  2. Alex Binnie
  3. Jess Chen
  4. Franki
  5. Curly Moore
  6. Lara Maju

What is a blackwork tattoo?

Blackwork Tattoos is a style which is done with only one color which is known as Thick Black Color used for bold art. From this, the tattoos composed different pattern designs and shapes on the body such as Geometric, Dotwork, Linework and Graphic design. There are lots more designs which people are inking with this amazing ink. It is the oldest and best form of inking.

Blackwork Tattoos on chest

sleeve Blackwork Tattoos


rose with knife

Blackwork Tattoo History:-

Comparing to other tradition Tattoos Blackwork tattoos is one of the oldest Tattoo which came into existence many centuries ago. It was the only Tattoo work or ink which was found by people at that time. It was made of Carbon which was ink by Bone or Chared wood.  It was among the tribal people who used it for the first time. It was used for the identical purpose as a mark, loyalty, and authority. From that time a form Tribal Tattoo came into existence. Leo Zulueta is one of the pioneer people who is the master of Blackwork tattoos and tribal tattoos. His interview in 1989 influence to many people and bring back the tradition of Blackwork Tattoo Design. He himself has a masterpiece tattoo on his back which was inked by a very famous artist who is known as Ed Harry.

Blackwork rose Tattoos

Blackwork Tattoo ideas

Blackwork Tattoos Design

It is a Solid Black Color which has many attractive designs available. Don’t ignore it while thinking it is only a simple design in blackwork. No, It comes with many versatile designs and if you go to a professional artist he will show you the endless collection of Blackwork Tattoos. These tattoos are not very simple or plain there are more designs available. You can add a cluster of dots so it can have a fusion of blackwork and dotwork. There are also some amazing geometry, Mandala, animals and lettering designs available.

  • Blackwork Rose Tattoo

Blackwork rose Tattoo

  • Geometric Blackwork Tattoos

geometric Blackwork Tattoo

  • Traditional Blackwork Tattoo

Traditional Blackwork Tattoo

  • Blackwork Tattoo Flash

Flash Blackwork Tattoo

Blackwork Tattoos Care:-

We all know the basics of Tattoo care that how to protect your tattoo which include the major point that keeps your tattoo away from sun damage.  As we all know and we have heard from different professionals that Tattooing causes cancer if it is expose to the Sun. We have heard a strange news that Balck ink work as a shield to the wearer skin from UVR and damage. It was studied in a research which was conducted by Bispebjerh Hospital. It is the most shocking news or you can say it is a good news to a Tattoo Lover. No Matter what you can keep yourself safe from any damage which causes from tattooing or infection. Blackwork is a Masterpiece which works as good as SPF lotions. Don’t waste time go and get your Blackwork Tattoos.

Blackwork Tattoo on men

Blackwork Tattoos on leg

Blackwork Tattoos on women

Blackwork Tattoo Ideas & Placement:-

Blackwork Tattoos is something which looks amazing on any part of the body. This is the reason that people use this tattoo as a Cover up Tattoo or hiding old tattoos. You can use it to get Full Sleeves Tattoo or hand or leg. The main thing is that it totally depends on the idea of getting a tattoo. People turn their scars into amazing designs with the help of Blackwork Tattoos. The idea is what you like the most to have or the place you love to get ink. People also use it as Armband Tattoo. Small lines, Wrist, back or chest tattoo.

  • Blackwork Tattoos Full Body

Blackwork Tattoo on full body

  • Blackwork Tattoo Sleeves

Blackwork Tattoo sleeve

  • Blackwork Tattoo Arm

Blackwork Tattoo on arm

  • Blackwork Tattoos Chest

Blackwork Tattoo on chest

  • Blackwork Tattoos Back

Blackwork Tattoos on back

  • Blackwork Tattoos Leg

blackwork tattoo on leg

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