1. One of the most popular places for tattoos on women’s bodies – hip. Two sunflowers are quite realistic made in usual tattoo technique in black color. The flowers are reduced by the tubes and leaves. Even though the picture is not colorful, it expresses shining and brightness. realistic black two sunflowers tattooon hip
  2. This tat is situated on the inner forearm of the body. The tattoo is performed in very detailed dotwork. Lines of the lobes are very sharp and careful and the black color is very bright and vivid.  lovely sunflower on the inner forearm
  3. The picture is on the inner wrist and made in a style of minimalism. It can express worship as small sunflower tattoo are the symbols of devotion to Christianity.Ravishing sunflower tattoo on the inner forearm
  4. Growing sunflower is very simple but it has its own charm. The stem and leaves are very good addition to the flower itself. In one word, nothing to add, nothing to take away.sunflower tattos with stem and leaves on side
  5. Very accurate dotwork. The flower itself is made in watercolor technique as petals are very smooth, colors on the flower overflow from a lighter shade to a darker one. Two leaves behind the flower make the flower more realistic.Killing black and white sunflower with leaves tattoo
  6. Even though the sunflower is black, it is quite unique because the petals (which are pretty big as for a sunflower) are situated not in one row, but in staggered order in three rows. These petals are inked in watercolor technique making this tat adorable for the view.black sunflower tattoo with watercolor petals on hand
  7. The sunflower on the inner forearm is simple: the petals are sharp and blank and the center of the flower is made in well-depicted dotwork. jolly black and white sunflower tattoo on the inner forearm
  8. Two different sunflowers made in black color on different sides of the chest. They look like two opposites – one is black, the other one is white. As sunflowers are the symbols of love, two flowers can symbolize devotion of beloved people to each other.Two black different sunflowers on different sides of the chest
  9. The outer hand is decorated with a very interesting sunflower. Its zest is in that tattoo is made in two different techniques and styles. The central disc of the flower is ornamental including several layers. A great choice if you want your tat to be unique.unique sunflower tattoo with ornamental on outer hand
  10. This tattoo is sunny although it’s performed in black color. Thanks to the watercolor technique and black background it looks light and bright.watercolor sunflower tattoo with black background
  11. Shoulder is one of the most popular places for sunflower tattoos. It is very relief and looks like the real flower on the body. It becomes more realistic because of the stem and leaves.relief sunflower tattoo on shoulder
  12. This blackwork tattoo is awesome because of the unusual interpretation of the flower. In fact in the whole flower should be black. However, the glass triangle ‘clears’ it, showing the pure and blank color of the flower.  unusual sunflower tattoo in form of triangle
  13. Dotwork in this tat is perfect. Only dots were used to perform this picture and the work impresses with its accuracy. The sunflower looks more beautiful thanks to the ornamental technique used in decorations to the flower.Grand sunflower tattoo on hip

  14. The upper shoulder is decorated with one big sunflower, two smaller flowers and some leaves. They are made in black color and watercolor technique which makes this flowers realistic in spite of the fact that the flowers are black.one big sunflower with two smaller flowers and some leaves on upper shoulder
  15. The inner wrist is decorated with a very small and accurate tattoo of a sunflower made in usual and dotwork techniques. The flower is diluted by small leaves. Perfect choice for the wrist.small and accurate tattoo of a sunflower on wrist
  16. One more example of amazing dotwork tattoo. The sunflower is dotted in whole – the shape and shadows of the flower are attained by the accurate and detailed performance of dots on the tattoo.Charming black sunflower tattoo on hand
  17. Cartoon style of the tattoo makes this picture unique. It seems like the upper shoulder serves as a canvas and a tattooist is a real artist who made this painting for an exhibition. The flower looks as if it is waiting to be colored.Cartoon sunflower tattoo on shoulder
  18. Breathtaking dotwork of the sunflower. It looks like the flower starts to disappear. The petals are light and even. Great choice for the inner forearm tattoo.Exquisite black sunflower tattoo on hand
  19. Here is the example of the sunflower which symbolizes love and devotion to the beloved person. The technique is represented by dotwork and the sunflower is added with the leaves made in watercolor style. The sign verifies that sunflower is the symbol of eternal love.Heavenly black tattoo with love text
  20. Very realistic sunflower with well-depicted details. It seems like the light wind is blowing and tearing the leaves from the flower.realistic sunflower with well-depicted details tattoo
  21. Quite a popular place for the sunflower tattoo. This picture is unique as the technique is very unusual – partly ink blurring. The petals are sharp and black color is very bright.black partly ink blurring sunflower tattoo
  22. The disc in the middle of the flower is accurately dotted, the petals are performed in watercolor technique. It expresses warmth and perhaps it was made as a symbol of warm feelings of love.Exquisite black sunflower tattoo
  23. Interesting relief image of the sunflower. The rhombus window is very interesting and the sunflower is growing somewhere inside it. Dotwork and watercolor techniques are perfectly performed.Interesting relief sunflower tattoo in rhombus
  24. Amazing shading work in this tattoo can show all the beauty of the flower especially together with leaves and a sign. Good work for a good place for a tattoo.Amazing shading sunflower tattoo on hand
  25. Very dark colors for sunflower. However, it is pretty charming and attractive. Especially the disc of the sunflower which looks like the universe. Amazing work with no shortcomings.Very dark sunflower tattoo
  26. Small tattoo on inner forearm which may symbolize the desire for reaching new aims and heights. The simple technique makes the simple, nice and charming sunflower.Glorious small tattoo on inner forearm
  27. Small sunflower performed on the ankle. Made in black color it, however, doesn’t look like a depressing flower. It looks more like a flower willing to reach the sun, like a person wanting to reach new heights.Small sunflower tattoo on the ankle
  28. Not realistic sunflower but made of different razzle-dazzles. Dotwork is amazing as at the first sight it doesn’t look like dotwork. The middle of the flower thanks to the accurate dotwork seems to shine from the inside. Perfect work.Superior sunflower with didderent razzle-dazzle
  29. Funny sunflower performed in dotwork. What is zestful about the picture is that instead of the common disc there is a dog’s nose. It looks like the dog is searching for something in sunflowers.Funny sunflower with the nose of the animal in the center
  30. Small accurate and nice sunflower. Nothing impressive, however, it can be a symbol of the connection with God and it can serve as a mascot for its owner.Small accurate and nice sunflower tattoo
  31. The shoulder is decorated with a beautiful ornamental sunflower. Actually, there is a realistic sunflower laying on the ornamental flowerbed.beautiful ornamental sunflower tattoo on shoulder
  32. Amazing tattoo work. The lines are perfectly smooth and even, the dotwork in sunflower is accurate. The sunflower is complemented with other smaller flowers and leaves which make the general picture aesthetic and admirable.Stylish black sunflower tattoo with perfectly smooth lines
  33. No doubt this sunflower made in watercolor technique is a symbol of eternal love and endless dedication of beloved people to each other. The sign under the flower proves the symbolistic meaning of the flower.Cute black sunflower tatoo
  34. Celtic motive in the moon and perfectly dotted sunflower complement each other.perfectly sunflower tattoo in celtic motive and moon
  35. This sunflower makes an impression of a flying one. Small and accurate tattoo is a perfect choice for inner forearm place.Fine sunflower tattoo on hand
  36. The sunflower together with the butterfly complements each other perfectly. Here it can be a symbol of new life, new desires and new aims.sunflower tattoo together with the butterfly
  37. Shoulder is one of the most popular places for sunflower tattoos. These three flowers seem to be a saint because of the circles around them which look like aureoles. The perfect transition of different shades of black color.three sunflowers and circles around them
  38. A sunny and summer bunch of field flowers on the upper forearm. Even though the tat is performed in black and white colors the atmosphere is still bright and rich in positive emotions.sunny and summer bunch of field flowers on the upper forearm
  39. This flower looks very realistic because of the perfect watercolor technique and amazing dotwork in the sunflower disk. Great shadowy background makes the sunflower itself rich and vivid.rich and vivid sunflower tattoo with shadowy background
  40. When you look ate this tat it seems like the sunflower looks back at you. One more perfect interpretation of a dream catcher which can become a strong mascot for this tattoo’s owner.Attractive big sunflower tattoo on hand
  41. No doubt that this picture has become a symbol of endless devotion and pure love to this person’s mother. As sunflowers are the symbols of remembrance it can show the deep feelings of a person.sunflower tattoo with symbol of pure love to mother
  42. Two identical sunflowers on the chest connected together with a collar. It may express two people’s devotion to each other as there are two sunflowers and they are joined together as two people experience very deep feelings.Two sunflowers on chest connected together with a collar
  43. When you see this tat it seems like a person who wants to commemorate every event and minute in his life. The sign proves a strong desire of the tat’s owner to remember everything.Adorable sunflower tattoo on shoulder
  44. Celtic embellishments are perfectly accompanied by simple watercolor effects on the petals. This picture can certainly be a strong mascot.Captivating big sunflower tattoo in side
  45. The ornamental design of the picture looks interesting and nice. The petals in rows are greatly depicted and the whole tat seems like you watch the kaleidoscope.sunflower tattoo and petals in ornamental design
  46. Great dotwork and perfectly drawn lines make this tattoo magnificent and you can enjoy looking at it for a long time. The dotted disc of the sunflower makes an impression of a shining center of the flower.Glorious sunflower tattoo
  47. Interesting combination of body organ and flowers which are put in the heart as it is a vase. Perhaps the author wanted to say that you should believe in miracles and good should proceed from your heart. Interesting combination of body organ and sunflowers on leg
  48. Two sunflowers are always symbols of deep feelings of eternal devotion and pure love of two beloved people. The inner forearm is a great place for this tat because every person wants to show his feelings to others and especially whey they are represented by such a beautiful tattoo.Two fantastic black sunflowers tattoo on hand
  49. Great big and rich tat on the side. The watercolor technique and different transitions of shades of black color are perfectly matched.Great big and rich sunflower tat on the side
  50. Summer on the shoulder. The floristic motive of the tattoo reminds of the paint. A strong will to take paints and make it colorful to feel the atmosphere of summer. floristic motive with sunflowers, roses and other flowers on shoulder
  51. The dotwork is very realistic and accurate because the disc seems to be shining from the insight.Superior black sunflower tattoo
  52. Small black sunflower rising up. Accurate picture, nice petals, dotted disk. The shadows are well performed and watercolor effects are perfect here.Pleasant small sunflower tattoo
  53. Accurate dotwork in the sunflower disc and beautiful and tender petals. Leaves emphasize the simplicity of the flower and positive emotions.Accurate sunflower disc and beautiful petals tattoo
  54. Very realistic flower made in perfect watercoloring and dotwork. Combination of the sunflower and a black background makes this picture bright and rich.Very realistic watercoloring sunflower tattoo
  55. Floristic motives are great for women. This one is not an exception. The sunflower in spite of the fact it is black is very realistic and perfectly matches other smaller field flowers around it.Gorgeous sunflower with other flowers and petals
  56. Different layers of petals in this sunflower make an impression of spreading blossom cluster. Petals and leaves are identical, dotwork is relevant here as it looks beautiful and very interesting.Different layers of petals with head of sunflower tattoo
  57. This sunflower is the symbol of remembrance to a person. The author wanted to express her feelings and made it in the form of sunflower black tattoo with a sign at the bottom.Perfect sunflower tattoo on wrist
  58. The Chinese philosophy yin and yang together with a greatly performed sunflower. The stick with smaller flowers which borders the flower itself looks very tender and makes the sunflower accurate and sophisticated.Chinese philosophy yin and yang together with a greatly performed sunflower
  59. The sunflower on the lower back is made in watercoloring technique. It looks very realistic especially the disc where dots make the middle a piece of art.Wonderful sunflower tattoo on back
  60. Three like flowers but performed in three different ways. The top flower looks realistic and makes an impression of summer. The middle sunflower is made of different embellishments. The low flower is also made with the help of razzle-dazzles but this flower is darker as there are more black details.Three sunflowers in different styles on sleeve
  61. Embellishments in the middle  of the flower are charming and the petals seem to be shining. This picture completely justifies the sunflower – although it is black, the picture is warm and bright.Astonishing sunflower tattoo on back
  62. The ornamental disc, watercolored petals and leaves from both sides make the picture amazing for the place where it is inked.watercolored ornamental sunflower with petals and leaves
  63. The outer forearm is decorated with, it seems, a mascot in the shape of a sunflower. Different sticks with small leaves add tenderness to the picture.sunflower in form of mascot in the shape on outer forearm
  64. Dotwork, details, sharp line, the place and color effects – everything is perfect in this tattoo.Splendid sunflower tattoo on back
  65. Two different flowers on two legs – the left sunflower is made in a blackwork style without any effects. The right sunflower is softer and made in watercoloring. They look idyllic with each other.Two different sunflowers on two legs
  66. Realistic sunflower on the shoulder makes a good impression on a viewer because of the calm and quiet atmosphere.Realistic sunflower on the shoulder
  67. The philosophy of yin and yang substitutes the usual sunflower disc. It seems to be the mascot for the owner because it’s small and has a religious and philosophic motive. yin and yang substitutes in usual sunflower disc
  68. The sunflower on a spine is very beautiful, tender and sophisticated. The sign instead of the stem makes it unusual and very attractive.Excellent sunflower tattoo on back
  69. The disc of the sunflower shows the sun and the moon and the half of it is a black and white sunflower. Detailed work which impresses by its mystery and enigma.disc of the sunflower witn half sun and half moon
  70. Symmetric sunflower on the shoulder seeming to be the mascot its owner. Dots in the middle of the flower are ideal.Pretty sunflower tattoo on shoulder
  71. A touching letter from the son to his father in order to commemorate him in his mind forever. No wonder the sunflower was chosen as at is the symbol of deep feelings and strong love.sunflowers tattoo with letter from the son to father
  72. Water drops on the sunflower are relief and look perfect. Watercoloring on petals look magnificent and it’s a great choice for a small tat on the inner forearm.Delightful sunflower tattoo
  73. The sunflower against the black background looks very warm and bright. The author decided to make the disc in a dotwork which makes the picture very realistic.Beautiful sunflower tattoo
  74. The disc in very extraordinary. It is made in the shape of the wolf! The eyes of this wolf are bright and it makes the flower mysterious.sunflower tattoo in the shape of the wolf
  75. Relief sunflower made in dotwork. It is so realistic and vivid that we can see the drops on the sunflower disc. Amazing realism.Natural sunflower tattoo on hand
  76. Half of the flower made in lining technique. The tattoo is quite simple but magnificent because of the accurate and narrow lines.Half of the sunflower in lining technique
  77. The disc of the sunflower is amazing because is made in the shape of the heart. No doubt that this is the symbol of eternal love between two people. Two hands crossed with each other show two people who want to be together for the whole life.Black sunflower tattoo with two hands crossed with each other
  78. Two tats on the shoulder are very amazing and breathtaking. This impression is made because of the magnificent background in watercolor technique.Creative sunflower tattoo
  79. Watercoloring is perfectly performed in this tat. The sunflower itself is quite unusual and not realistic. However, it doesn’t spoil the picture, vice-versa it is very attractive.Nice sunflower tattoo on hand
  80. One sunflower is growing from another one. The top flower is made of different petal layers and a disc in dotwork. The lower flower is more ornamental.sunflower tattoo with different petal layers and flower ornamental
  81. The sunflower is growing from the very bottom pf person’s body. The stem is very long; there are three leaves on the top and one big flower head. It may be the symbol of reaching new heights and aims.sunflower is growing from bottom person leg
  82. Smooth petals and sharp ornamental disc make this flower unusual and unique. The sing under the flower shows deep love to another person.Modern sunflower picture on leg

  83. One more picture of the black sunflower which is covered by the triangle glass which bares the flower, making it not dark.black sunflower which is covered by the triangle glass
  84. Two very different sunflowers connected with each other by a nice and tender chain with one moon and a star. The top sunflower is ornamental and reminds of a kaleidoscope. The lower sunflower is an ordinary one. Together they make a very admirable tandem.Two different sunflowers connected with each other with one moon and a star
  85. Lining technique and the eye in the center of the sunflower which is made on the inner wrist make this tattoo zestful and unusual.Delicate sunflower tattoo
  86. Perfect dotwork on the back. The leaves are dark and it makes the flower look more vivid and bright against the background.Perfect sunflower tattoo on back
  87. Ornamental sunflower tattoo made in very dark black color. However, it doesn’t spoil the picture at all. Interesting ornament and sunflower itself express some warm feelings.Ornamental dark black sunflower tattoo
  88. The floristic motive is greatly expressed in this picture. Two sunflowers are decorated with smaller flowers and a bee. Even though the picture is black and white the atmosphere is colorful and warm.Incredible sunflower bouquet tattoo
  89. Interesting interpretation of a dream catcher. Instead of the web, there is a sunflower. Perhaps it is believed not to catch bad dreams but to remake these bad dreams into good ones. The extraordinary idea for a dream catcher.Interesting sunflower with three feather
  90. Watercolor technique is used in this black sleeve tattoo. Although there are some flowers together with the sunflower, dark black color makes it a bit oppressive.Fantastic sunflower tatto on sleeve
  91. Perfect lining technique on the shoulder tat. It seems like the author wanted to leave some place for flight of fancy to think of the colors that might have been on this tattoo.Perfect lining technique sunflower tattoo on the shoulder
  92. Four amazing sunflowers on the shoulder which make the atmosphere of positive environment and warm emotions. Dotwork inside the discs is scrupulously performed.Four amazing sunflowers on the shoulder
  93. Growing black and white sunflower. The flower head is big and the disc is made in a twisted shape.Romantic sunflower tattoo
  94. From the very first sight, we can see that this flower is the symbol of positive and warm feelings: love and happiness. The zest of this picture is that instead of the natural sunflower disc, the tattooist decided to ink the hippie sing ‘peace’.Glamorous sunflower tattoo

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