The Best Tattoo Designs for Every Zodiac Sign

While recently visiting my local street-side market, I noticed a small henna stall with a large placard showcasing all of the little Zodiac signs they could do for the amazingly eye gouging price of only $15 each. They were all utterly simple designs and probably took a whole 30 seconds of actual work to complete. That got me wondering, are these small Zodiac symbols that popular or is this artist just super lazy, super unskilled or a combination of all three? I’m sure I’m right, but since I view ridiculous amounts of tattoos on a daily basis, I decided to see if these simple designs are really that popular. An easy way to do this would be to create a list of the best Zodiac tattoos straight from your horoscope that included a mix of minimalistic designs and more detailed extravagant works of art.

The following list includes the best Zodiac sign tattoos from our favorite artists of Instagram. We included a few designs from each sign in as wide of a variety of styles as we could find. We hope you enjoy this article and don’t forget to share your favorites.


Sagittarius tattoo by Cheng

(Photo: Cheng)

Sagittarius tattoo design by Natalia Wasiluk

(Photo: Natalia Wasiluk)

Sagittarius bow by Nuby

(Photo: Nuby)

Sagittarius centaur archer by Eli R.

(Photo: Eli R.)

Sagittarius constellation by Agata

(Photo: Agata)

Heart shaped Sagittarius constellation by Greem

(Photo: Greem)

Matching Sagittarius tattoos by Rebecca Menz

(Photo: Rebecca Menz)

Sagittarius archer by Andrei Surdulescu

(Photo: Andrei Surdulescu)


Virgo galaxy maiden by Sakda Benmart

(Photo: Sakda Benmart)

Virgo symbol by Aly

(Photo: Aly)

Virgo constellation by Francesca Tilotta Maggi

(Photo: Francesca Tilotta Maggi)

Virgo watercolor design by Javi Oviedo

(Photo: Javi Oviedo)

Virgo symbol by Popo

(Photo: Popo)

Mandala Virgo design by Nichola Pierpoint

(Photo: Nichola Pierpoint)

Virgo constellation by J. Ryong

(Photo: J.Ryong)

Watercolor Virgo constellation by Josh

(Photo: Josh)

Virgo tattoo by Miki

(Photo: Miki)

Virgo symbol

(Photo: Esthetician)

Virgo tattoo by Claudia Sufaru

(Photo: Claudia Sufaru)

Virgo virgin maiden symbol by Defy

(Photo: Defy)

by Vincent Chen

(Photo: Vincent Chen)


Libra scales of justice via Ink Adventure

(Photo: Ink Adventure)

Libra constellation bracelet by IB IDO BOTBOL


Watercolor libra constellation by Barbara Antonov

(Photo: Barbara Antonov)

Tiny libra symbol by Carolina Helena

(Photo: Carolina Helena)

Libra symbol via K.K.

(Photo: K.K.)

Libra tattoo by Isabel

(Photo: Isabel)

Libra scales of justice by Mongo

(Photo: Mongo)

Libra symbol by Natasha Stevie

(Photo: Natasha Stevie)

Watercolor libra constellation via Carolina Dias

(Photo: Carolina Dias)

Libra symbol by Catnip

(Photo: Catnip)

Libra tattoo by IDA

(Photo: IDA)

Libra tattoo by IDA

(Photo: IDA)

Libra scales of justice by Eloise Entraigues

(Photo: Eloise Entraigues)

Libra tattoo design by Shorty Loco

(Photo: Shorty Loco)

Libra symbol on wrist by qq47wk

(Photo: qq47wk)

Libra constellation by Carla R.

(Photo: Carla R.)

Libra constellation by Handitrip

(Photo: Handitrip)

Libra scales of justice by Grain

(Photo: Grain)

Libra design by Juodi Dygsniai

(Photo: Juodi Dygsniai)

Libra dreamcatcher by IDA

(Photo: IDA)

Brushwork libra symbol by ManosdeTinta

(Photo: ManosdeTinta)

Libra symbol by Juan Blat

(Photo: Juan Blat)

Libra scales of justice tattoo by Souljah D

(Photo: Souljah D)

Capricorn.Capricorn goat by Marius Tomte

(Photo: Marius Tomte)

Landscape Capricorn constellation by Eddie Bee

(Photo: Eddie Bee)

Capricorn goat by Anna Botyk

(Photo: Anna Botyk)

Capricorn tattoo design by Amanda Piejak

(Photo: Amanda Piejak)

Capricorn constellation by Domatu

(Photo: Domatu)

Capricorn goat by Marco

(Photo: Marco)

Capricorn tattoo by mts

(Photo: mts)

Capricorn tattoo by Domatu

(Photo: Domatu)

Capricorn tattoo by Birthmark

(Photo: Birthmark)

Capricorn tattoo by Sara

(Photo: Sara)

Colorful Capricorn constellation by Renata Bartolo

(Photo: Renata Bartolo)

Capricorn goat by Anna Maria Reh

(Photo: Anna Maria Reh)

Beautiful Capricorn tattoo by Isis Muniz

(Photo: Isis Muniz)

Capricorn goat by Pechschwarz

(Photo: Pechschwarz)

Cute Capricorn goat tattoo by Pikka

(Photo: Pikka)

Capricorn constellation tattoo by Nalea K

(Photo: Nalea K)


Cancer crab zodiac symbol by Adrian Laming

(Photo: Adrian Laming)

Cancer zodiac symbol by Colton James

(Photo: Colton James)

Cancer constellation by Pedro Neves

(Photo: Pedro Neves)

Cancer crab by Irina Artshmel

(Photo: Irina Artshmel)

Cancer zodiac sign by Chloe

(Photo: Chloe)

Cancer crab tattoo by Phernandez

(Photo: Phernandez)

Cancer zodiac sign by HellCat

(Photo: HellCat)

Zodiac Cancer sign by Greem

(Photo: Greem)

Cancer constellation by Sky-Heart

(Photo: Sky-Heart)

Cancer constellation by Jordan Madere

(Photo: Jordan Madere)

Single line Cancer crab by White Dog

(Photo: White Dog)


Pisces fish by Yavar

(Photo: Yavar)

Pisces neck tattoo by Man Yao

(Photo: Man Yao)

Pisces symbol by Umg

(Photo: Umg)

Watercolor Pisces tattoo by VJ

(Photo: VJ)

Pisces tattoo by Samurai

(Photo: Samurai)

Pisces constellation by Umg

(Photo: Umg)

Pisces fish by Sara Mascara

(Photo: Sara Mascara)

Pisces constellation by Wongrapee Silpaphong

(Photo: Wongrapee Silpaphong)

Pisces symbol by Junio Souza

(Photo: Junio Souza)

Pisces tattoo by Muha

(Photo: Muha)

Pisces symbol by Lina Lindwall

(Photo: Lina Lindwall)

Pisces tattoo by Lola

(Photo: Lola)

Pisces tattoo by Bluewhaleink

(Photo: Bluewhaleink)


Lotus flower Pisces tattoo by 1984

(Photo: 1984)


Taurus tattoo via Carmen De Santis

(Photo: Carmen De Santis)

Taurus bull by Hung Vo

(Photo: Hung Vo)

Taurus symbol by Jakarta

(Photo: Jakarta)

Taurus finger tat by Ver Tebra

(Photo: Ver Tebra)

Taurus bull by Anna Maria Reh

(Photo: Anna Maria Reh)

Taurus constellation in a bottle by Onur Herguner

(Photo: Onur Herguner)

Taurus tattoo by Wongrapee Silpaphong

(Photo: Wongrapee Silpaphong)

Taurus symbol by Greem

(Photo: Greem)

Taurus bull by Vitor Miranda

(Photo: Vitor Miranda)

Taurus tribal bull tattoo by Hammett

(Photo: Hammett)


Gemini symbol by Babz

(Photo: Babz)

Gemini tattoo by Ngok Chiyu

(Photo: Ngok Chiyu)

Gemini finger tat by Jing

(Photo: Jing)

Zodiac sign tattoos by Ayhan Karadag

(Photo: Ayhan Karadag)

Gemini constellations by Kirk Budden

(Photo: Kirk Budden)

Gemini pillars by Jenny

(Photo: Jenny)

Gemini constellations by Indigo

(Photo: Indigo)

Gemini constellations by Mongo

(Photo: Mongo)

Dotwork Gemini tattoo by Puntickarka

(Photo: Puntickarka)

Watercolor Gemini design by Chaotic Ink

(Photo: Chaotic Ink)

Gemini boomerang by Rita Gaur & Vikas Kasbe

(Photo: Rita Gaur & Vikas Kasbe)

Gemini pillars by Ngok Chiyu

(Photo: Ngok Chiyu)

Simple Gemini tattoo by Gualdino Pimentel

(Photo: Gualdino Pimentel)


Scorpio constellation by Doa

(Photo: Doa)

Scorpio finger tat by Flav

(Photo: Flav)

Scorpio constellation by Disegnarti

(Photo: Disegnarti)

Scorpio tattoo by LU

(Photo: LU)

Watercolor Scorpio constellation by O.GO

(Photo: O.GO)

Scorpio tattoo by Emily Kaul

(Photo: Emily Kaul)

Small scorpio tattoo by Joey Albert

(Photo: Joey Albert)

Scorpio heart tattoo by Vanessa Tezanos

(Photo: Vanessa Tezanos)

Tiny Scorpio tattoo by Siutal Law

(Photo: Siutal Law)

Scorpio tattoo by Ashmit Singh

(Photo: Ashmit Singh)

Scorpio design by Andreia Alves

(Photo: Andreia Alves)Scorpio constellation by Man Yao

(Photo: Man Yao)

Scorpio design by Sage

(Photo: Sage)


Aquarius constellation by LeoTran

(Photo: LeoTran)

Aquarius water bearer design by Mr. Jones

(Photo: Mr. Jones)

Aquarius fish tattoo by Sonrisas y Lagrimas

(Photo: Sonrisas y Lagrimas)

Aquarius tattoo by IDA

(Photo: IDA)

Aquarius dreamcatcher by IDA

(Photo: IDA)

Aquarius tattoo design by Ink Demon

(Photo: Ink Demon)

Aquarius water bearer symbol by Sarah Azalini

(Photo: Sarah Azalini)

Watercolor Aquarius tattoo by N Zone

(Photo: N Zone)

Aquarius constellation by Taina Cavalcante

(Photo: Taina Cavalcante)

Aquarius design by Douglas Alvares

(Photo: Douglas Alvares)

Aquarius symbol by Stick and Peg

(Photo: Stick and Peg)

Water bearer symbol by Marcel Meira

(Photo: Marcel Meira)


Floral Leo constellation by Sol

(Photo: Sol)

Leo lion by Black Cat

(Photo: Black Cat)

Leo Zodiac sign by Matthew Jackson

(Photo: Matthew Jackson)

Leo sign by Glitter

(Photo: Glitter)

Leo lion by Tattooist River

(Photo: River)

Huge leo backpiece by Salt

(Photo: Salt)

Tiny Leo constellation by Chaehwa

(Photo: Chaehwa)

Leo lion by Doy

(Photo: Doy)

Leo sign by Kiarna Silvestro

(Photo: Kiarna Silvestro)

Leo the lion by Boni Lucena

(Photo: Boni Lucena)

Watercolor Leo design by Anna Corbett

(Photo: Anna Corbett)

Leo sign by Zoe

(Photo: Zoe)


Aries Ram by Art Tattoo Studio

(Photo: Art Tattoo Studio)

Aries Ram by Favry

(Photo: Favry)

Watercolor Aries tattoo by Prisma

(Photo: Prisma)

Small Aries symbol by Luan Matias

(Photo:  Luan Matias)

Aries ram by Anicka Petrzilkova

(Photo: Anicka Petrzilkova)

Tiny Aries symbol by Julia Costa

(Photo: Julia Costa)

Aries ram via Bianca Lisa

(Photo: Bianca Lisa)


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