If you have been wanting to show love to your coffee addiction, these coffee tattoos may have just the inspiration that you need to make the big plunge.

If you love tattoos half as much as you love the almighty magic bean juice, these are some of the coolest coffee tattoos around. And might I also say that they are incredibly well done and tasteful.

Latte Art Rosetta Coffee Tattoo


Artist: Oliver Whiting

Location: UK

Artist’s Instagram: @whitingtattoos

Kitty Cat Coffee Cup



A cute and simple tattoo for the warm and cuddly types.

Traditional Coffee Cup


via fuckyeahtraditionaltattoos.tumblr.com

A beautiful traditional “Death Before Decaf” piece, well done! This tumblr page is a great source for beautiful traditional tattoos. Just thought I’d give a shout-out to a great quality tumblr blog!

Black and White Coffee Tattoo


via the-ink-wretch

For the scholar who reads Walt Whitman by moonlight—this is for you. A tasteful but simple black and grey tattoo.

 Coffee Tattoos (1)

Mermaid Coffee Cup


via cherrylisa.tumbr.com

If you’re into colorful, girly, neotraditional tattoos, this is the one for you. Who wouldn’t want a mermaid in a coffee cup somewhere on their body?

Black and White Hand Holding Coffee Cup


by Eli Falconette

If you are a big fan of black and grey tattoos, this guy has got it down. A truly awesome rendition of the traditional style.

Black and White Storm in a Teacup


via bitofanink.tumblr.com

Another great black and grey masterpiece by Susanna Konig. If you’re into black and grey surrealist tattoos, make a trip to Germany to visit this fine gal.

Colorful Death Before Decaf Tattoo


Last but not least, this is by one of my favorite tattoo artists Kelly McGrath—the master of the colorful neotraditional style. I couldn’t finish this blog post without mentioning her incredible work. If you’re a lover of all things weird and cute, check out her instagram in the link above.


Ready to take the plunge?

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