I know, I know—you don’t need me to tell you that tiny tattoos are just as appealing as their larger counterparts. But believe it or not, there are a few people out there who think the bigger the tattoo is, the better it is. No matter which side of the isle you find yourself standing on from a design standpoint, you can’t deny the enchanting characteristics that smaller tattoo designs often possess. A good tiny tattoo can literally change your life for the better. Don’t believe me? Just ask the owners of any of these sixty adorable designs.

An adorable little cloud

And adorable little cloud by Mini Lau

Mini Lau

If there’s any tattoo on this list that looks fake, it’s gotta be this one. I swear I’ve seen this exact design on a temporary tattoo website before. Or maybe I’m just another victim of Mini Lau’s spellbinding style. Either way, this design is the embodiment of perfection.

A chandelier

A chandelier by Panta Choi

Panta Choi

An elegant design is a timeless design. This ornate chandelier represents everything opulent in the world and will no doubt take you to an 11 if you happen to be stuck at a 10. Tattoos should boost your confidence. And this design definitely checks that box.

A pineapple

A pineapple by Sion


A pineapple? Yes. A pineapple! You would be surprised how popular this yummy fruit is as a tattoo design. Summer is all about sunny skies and fruit fruit fruit. Pineapples scream fun in the sun the same way palm trees do.

A bluebird

A bluebird by Zihee


This little birdie is sporting almost every shade of blue imaginable. If there’s a reoccurring theme to this list, it’s small bird tattoos like this. Varying shades of blue look amazing on all skin tones.

A watercolor constellation

A watercolor constellation by Grain


If you want a design that each and every one of your friends will swoon over, look no further than this gorgeous and oh-so-fun watercolor constellation. Black ink makes for an attractive contrast when paired with bright colors (as seen in the design above).

A simple floral bouquet

A simple bouquet by Doctor Woo

Doctor Woo

Tiny floral tattoos look amazing on everyone—no matter where they may be located. And when they’re small like this, you can enjoy the beauty of body art  while still being able to keep things under wraps should need be.

A blackwork rose

A blackwork rose by EVAN


Okay, so the in style on-trend tiny tattoo for 2019 will be this itty-bitty heavy blackwork rose. These tiny roses have always had that “cool girl” vibe attached to them, which is probably why they’ve become so popular. Go hip, go big, and go tiny all at the same time.

An airplane window

An airplane window by Eva Krbdk

Eva Krbdk

Staring through an airplane window is exhilarating. Which means that staring at an image of an airplane window can at least remind you of an exhilarating situation you once were in. Follow? These types of tattoos are undeniably romantic. And the design possibilities are literally endless.


Serendipity by Jessika Campos

Jessika Campos

I’ve always been a sucker for a beautiful font. And this “serendipity” script is already inspiring multiple tattoo designs in my head. It’s amazing how you can go from “no more tattoos ever” to “I wonder if my tattooist has a spot this week” in under an hour. Thanks Jessika Campos.

A creative butterfly

A butterfly by Jakub Nowicz

Jakub Nowicz

Now that I’m look at it a little closer, I’m not sure that this design is indeed a butterfly. Let’s just call it a winged insect. Anyways, these wiggly lines are a creative and interesting way to illustrate wings—which I love.

A little lotus flower

A little lotus by Nando


If I was looking for a small lotus flower design to get tattooed onto my wrist, I would be incredibly tempted to copy this design exactly and pay the artist a royalty fee annually. But then again, I often find myself entertaining that idea when it comes to Nando’s work.

Various flora

Flora by Sol


Well, these carefully placed designs give you a whole new perspective on tiny tattoos. Instead of thinking of tiny tattoos as stand alone designs, think of them as just one piece to a beautiful puzzle that knows no boundaries. Sol and a few other artists have been putting together these florals spreads for quite some time now and I have to say I’m impressed.

An arrow

An arrow by Recycle


A small arrow on the side of your finger will do wonders for your Instagram account. And by wonders, I mean instantly raise your status among the general public and sway no less than 10 additional people to follow you. Don’t believe me? Give it a try!

A mermaid

A mermaid by Yeon


This unique mermaid tattoo has a pattern reminiscent of Gustav Klimt’s famous gold paintings. They say that something like 90 percent of all art is influenced by other art. And while this design probably wasn’t directly influenced by the work of Gustav Klimt, you can definitely see the resemblance.

A magnifying glass

A magnifying glass by Nando


Look at that glass. Look at that patina! Nando is one of those tattoo artists who appears to be sent from the future or perhaps by an alien race to show us what tattoos can and should look like.

A rainbow

A rainbow by Nemo


If you’re looking for something super cute, fun, and simple (without being too cliche), little rainbow designs like the one above are a great idea. Fun fact: Rainbows happen when it’s sunny in one part of the sky and raining in another.

A snowflake

A snowflake by Banul


The fact that winter is almost over means that the amount of snowflake tattoos I’m seeing on a daily basis will soon taper off considerably. Which is a good thing as I’m not the biggest fan of snowflake tattoos. However, this design is slowly changing my mind.


Wildflowers by Yeon


Okay, so all flowers are technically wildflowers, but I like to label any flowers that look like they’re suffering from malnutrition “wildflowers.” These types of flowers, which usually feature tiny blossoms, are an ever-so-elegant floral option that more and more women are getting.

Fingers crossed

Fingers crossed by Vivo


It’s no secret that tiny tattoos are more popular than their larger counterparts. I mean, if I offered you this design right now and told you that it would only be fifty bucks and take 20 minutes, you’d be on board right? I’ve always liked the concept of crossed fingers, and this little heart is the just the cherry on top.


Trust by Winterstone


Text/script tattoos are so underrated. A great font is one of the most inspirational things you’ll ever see on your quest to finding that perfect tattoo. If text was never on your radar, it usually is after stumbling across a design like this.

A peach

A peach by Witty Button

Witty Button

This small peach has an oil painting vibe to it, which would be right at home in a bowl on a table in a painting hanging in a museum somewhere. As you’ll notice as you continue to scroll this list, tattoos of fruit make for awesome tiny tattoo designs.

A watercolor world map

A watercolor world map by Iris

Iris Art

Traveling around the world is something that everyone dreams about but few people ever get the chance to actually do. And if you’re one of those dreamers, getting a romantic travel-themed tattoo like the one above can be a satisfying reminder of your love for travel and adventure whether you end up meeting your goals or not.

A blackberry

A blackberry by Ayhan Karadag

Ayhan Karadag

I have to say, this doesn’t really look like a blackberry—but instead, something far more interesting. Ayhan Karadag is an artist who definitely has a firm grasp on the concept of illustrating light and the shadows it creates.


by Alessandro Capozzi

Alessandro Capozzi

A if two interlocked hands weren’t a powerful enough image on its own, this artist went ahead and added some fascinating and creative extras to the mix. Objects morphing into an explosion of birds isn’t a new concept but it never ceases to deliver when executed properly.

A sun and small flowers

by Nando


Why get one tiny tattoo when you can have five tiny tattoos? Is the question anyone with less than five tiny tattoos should be asking themselves. But on a serious note, if I were to ask for a little flower tattoo and it turned out like this, only time and money would be able to stop my body from becoming a literal garden of ink.

A tropical sunset

by Vane


Tropical sunsets are one of my favorite designs—especially when it starts to get warmer outside. There’s just something so romanic and nostalgic about the shape of a palm tree that makes you wish you were in a warmer climate with cold drink in your hand.

An iridescent globe

An iridescent globe by Vitaly Kazantsev

Vitaly Kazantsev

Most of the color has been stripped from the surroundings of this design to emphasize the colors of the ink. But if these colors are more or less on par with what I’m seeing on my screen I give this design an A+ for its combination of color alone.


Whatever by Yar Put

Yar Put

You know that word you absolutely hate to hear but for some reason can’t stop staying everyday? Ya, it’s literally whatever and until just now I had never seen it emblazoned in ink before. It’s really growing on me.

A playful heart

A playful heart by Aeri


Simple hearts are among the most popular tattoo designs in existence. But this design is no simple heart. It’s funny how adding something as simple as a duplicate outline can transform a design into something so simple yet so dynamic.


Birds by Cagri Durmaz

Cagri Durmaz

Have you ever been so certain of a design idea only to stumble across something like the design above and then POOF, in the blink of an eye it’s out with the old and in with the new? It happens to me all the time, and that’s why I always recommend viewing thousands of designs and then once you’ve settled on a design, sit on that design for a few months before getting it.

A hand poked creation

by Lara Maju

Lara Maju

Tattoo by Lara. Is what I instantly think when I see this particular design because it’s become somewhat of a calling card of hers. Many artists are known for a particular style, but not many have a tendency to create variations of virtually the same design over and over. I absolutely love this little decoration and if I ever had the chance I don’t think I would be able to resist getting one of my very own.

A heavy blackwork rose



Here we have another blackwork rose which is just as cool as its doppelganger higher up on the list. Hand tattoos aren’t for everyone, but if you have it in you, you’ll definitely be rewarded.

A small stag

A small stag by Puch


As far as finger tattoos go, I don’t think you’ll see a more interesting design than this today. From its heavy blackwork nature, to the crisp lines which give the design such a clean appearance, there’s nothing not to like about this stunning finger tattoo.

A cat

A cat by Greem


There are a few tattooists out there that are so good that if you had the chance to work with them it would be all but impossible to pass up. Greem is one of those artists. The quality of this cat is tremendous, which almost makes you overlook how good the small calla flower is.

A shell

by Heemee


Beach lovers, rejoice! This iridescent seashell has a hologram coloring effect going on which is something I totally dig. The design would be cute enough on its own, but the peach and pink shades really put it over the top.

A clock

by Tina Choi

Tina Choi

Clocks are blah by themselves. But it’s the ever-so-elegant Roman numerals that really class up the joint. The blue glow radiating from the perimeter of the design provides a unique effect which can be interpreted to represent the body the clock.

Cute floral designs

by Sion


How about a small set of corresponding flower tattoos on your ankle? Yes please! Floral designs are a dime a dozen. Which is why it’s so nice to see new and creative designs like the one above. Tattooist Sion is quickly becoming one of my new favorite artists.

An infinity triangle

by Pau Aldrete

Pau Aldrete

As you can probably see, an infinity triangle gets its name from its seemingly endless nature. If this design is something that tickles your fancy, I encourage you to find your own unique and fun geometric design because there’s a ton of them out there just waiting to be inked.

A cross

A cross by Doy


Just because you’re getting a cross tattoo doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. This decorative cross is everything that anyone with a cross in mind could ever hope for. I’m all for minimalistic designs, but sometimes the addition of a little extra can make all the difference.

A beautiful bird

by Nando


Bird tattoos sure aren’t what they used to be. I remember when a couple of v’s would satisfy those with their heart set on a bird tattoo. Now artists are creating works of art like the one above which just blow my mind.

The tiniest flowers

by Mini Lau

Mini Lau

Tiny floral tattoos are enticing. These dainty wisps of wonder are perfect for girls looking for something feminine and elegant while not leaving too large of a footprint. And if you’re interested in floral designs in general, then Mini’s Instagram portfolio should definitely be your next stop.

A travel tattoo

by Playground


This travel tattoo plays off of a more minimalistic aesthetic than the vivid watercolor map I featured earlier on the list. Minimalistic designs are low commitment, easy to conceal, and cheap—which make them ideal designs for your first ink.

A cool pattern

by Zihee


This design reminds me of a gradient transition printed by an offset printing press. We live in a day and age where tattoos don’t have to be about anything in particular. Abstract designs and patterns are now almost as common as representative designs.

A cherry blossom branch

by Sion


Okay, so I’ve seen a lot of cherry blossom tattoos in my life and I have to say that this little ankle tattoo is without a doubt in my top 5. The most impressive examples of cherry blossom designs usually come out of Korea, which isn’t surprising given their affinity for the flower.

A watercolor paper airplane

by Tina Choi

Tina Choi

The most important thing a tattoo can do is make you happy. Which is why most of the feminine designs you see these days are cutesy watercolor pieces like the one above that make you want to smile no matter how many times you see them.

A heart-shaped gem

A heart-shaped gem by Cara


Out of all the gem tattoos Cara has done, this is by far my favorite. This design is the complete opposite of the minimalistic double heart design I posted earlier.

A seascape

Sea creatures by Saegeem


I can stare at an aquarium for what seems like an eternity without ever getting bored. Which is probably why I absolutely love the series of under-the-sea-themed tattoos Saegeem has been doing as of late.


Fruit by Saegeem


If the very sight of this slice of watermelon has you craving a watermelon Jolly Rancher, you’re not alone. Tattoos of fruit are fun. And I have a feeling that these two pieces of fruit will soon be getting company.

A small songbird

A songbird by Panta Choi

Panta Choi

Birds like to fly, but they do spend a lot of time walking as well (especially pigeons). This design is creative in a way that makes you think to yourself “Why didn’t anyone think of this before?” Notice the small sun above the design.

A space scene

by Jakub Nowicz

Jakub Nowicz

Getting this minimalistic spacescape is basically the next best thing to scoring a seat on the first SpaceX trip to the moon. Everyone always falls for those detailed cosmic designs full of watercolor swirls and detailed planets, but I think the more basic designs like the one above are just as fascinating.

A minimalistic wreath

A minimalistic wreath by Cagri Durmaz

Cagri Durmaz

A tiny wreath on the ankle? Love it!

An oriole

An Oriole by Bryan Gutierrez

Bryan Gutierrez

Here’s yet another bird design thats very existence is enough to crush the dreams of many would-be tattooists before their careers even begin. Fun fact: Orioles love sweets. So if you want to attract them in your backyard, try putting out oranges or grape jelly.

A boy on a moon

A boy on a moon by Doctor Woo

Doctor Woo

In case you didn’t know, Doctor Woo (Brian Woo) is kind of a big deal in the tattoo industry. And by kind of a big deal, I mean he has almost 2 million followers on Instagram and his apartment smells of rich mahogany and leather bound books.

A peony

A peony by Bryan Gutierrez

Bryan Gutierrez

Looking for that perfect flower to get tattooed on your forearm? You really can’t go wrong with a peony. Peonies are an ever-popular tattoo design but you don’t see them all that often in person, which is a shame because they are far superior to roses from an aesthetic standpoint.

A switchblade

A switchblade by Bryan Gutierrez

Bryan Gutierrez

Adding a switchblade to any design is a great way to illustrate to those around you that you’re a little more interesting than they may have initially given you credit for. That’s right. Switchblade tattoos just ooze edgy.

A hummingbird

A hummingbird by Bryan Gutierrez

Bryan Gutierrez

Fancy getting a tattoo of the only bird that can fly backwards? Hummingbirds are some of the most enchanting creatures on the planet and their lines and body structure make for adorable tattoos designs.


Love by Vivo


Getting a tattoo may seem scary to the uninitiated. That’s why it’s always a good idea to start small with something light and timeless like the little love tattoo featured above. Well, maybe not. Finger tattoos hurt!

A blossoming rose

A blossoming rose by Bryan Gutierrez

Bryan Gutierrez

The whole blossoming flower design caught on like wildfire and isn’t showing any signs of slowing. Which is fine with me, ’cause when they’re good, they’re good (see above).

Ballet shoes

Ballet shoes by Mini Lau

Mini Lau

Whether you make your living as a professional ballet dancer, used to take ballet lessons as a little girl, or perhaps just had dreams of pirouetting across a stage somewhere, this design is for you. Ballet shoes make for an elegant and romantic design—especially when colored like this.

A tiny purple lotus

A tiny purple lotus by Saegeem


Wow. Super wow. This is the next tiny tattoo I will get as soon as Saegeem decides to take a guest spot at my local tattoo shop. If you fancy being blown away by the works of one of the most talented tattoo artists of our time, check out Saegeem’s Instagram portfolio—you won’t regret it.