Whatever your reason for getting a tattoo, there’s something for you here. We’ve gathered a bunch of beautiful tattoo designs to ignite your imagination and help you find the next inspiring project to pursue.

Amongst the most common reasons why people decide to get tattoos: Desire for identity or to mark a significant moment in their lives,To honor loved ones, To make a fashion statement and stand out, Affiliation with a specific group


Thinking of getting inked? Welcome to the (pretty large) club of tattoo enthusiasts! It’s been estimated that more than 45 million Americans have at least one tattoo and one in three young Britons have gotten inked.

With the number of tattoo lovers going through the roof, it is getting increasingly difficult to find a unique tattoo design that would save you from an awkward “who wore it best” moment.

In general, tattoos have become mainstream. And despite some (often generational) negative connotations, tattoos are now a widely accepted form of art and self-expression. People of all walks of life choose to write their stories on their bodies.

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