For hundreds of years ago, on our planet we have seen people with skin impregnated ink, so tattoos are not a new fashion. What is new are the styles that each person impregnates his tattoo. Today we bring a simple style, which uses only the basics: the minimalist style.

Simple, straight lines, geometric shapes, inspired by nature with fresh air designs, are the main features of these tattoos that growing strength charge among women, even those who refused to carry one, because they are so delicate and -in its discrete majority, fear disappears. Here we bring to you the best designs of minimalist tattoos. Would you dare to make one? See also :

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Small Minimalist Tattoos Design Ideas For Women

#1 Dee’s flowers are beautiful! Pic source

#2 Tree of the life. Pic source

#3 Planets. Pic source

#4 Minimalist Tattoos. Pic source

#5 Fine line.. Pic source

#6 Dolphin Tattoo. Pic source

#7 Queen of hearts tattoo world tattoo. Pic source

#8 Roman Numerals. Pic source

#9 L I T T L E H E A R T. Pic source

#10 Handmade Tattoo. Pic source

a-map-arrow-tattoo a-map-of-the-nyc-high-line-from-memory a-tree-branch antler-tattoo arrow-tattoo arrow-tattoos beautiful-tattoo-design beautiful-tattoo-designs broken-arrow-tattoo colour-mountain-tattoo colour-triangles diamond-tattoo digital-minimalist-tattoos elegant-tree-swing-tattoo
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eternity-tattoo exquisite-minimalist-woman-waiting-line-drawing-tattoo half-moon-minimalist-tattoo-on-ancle heart-tattoo minimalist-flower-tattoo minimalist-flower-tattoos minimalist-sunset minimalist-tattoo
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minimalist-tattooist minimalist-tattoos minimalistic-animal-tattoos minimalistic mountains-minimalist-tattoo music-note-tattoo orions-belt-tattoo pattern-back-tattoo pattern-tattoo pisces-tattoo seashell-tattoo
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ship-tattoo simple-tattoo-idea simple-tattoo-ideas simple-wave-tattoo single-heart-tattoo small-minimalist-tattoos-design swallow-tattoo tattoo-artist tattoo-minimaliste tiny-tattoo tiny-triangle triple-dot-tattoo triple-heart-tattoo triple-triangle-tattoo twin-branches-tattoo vintage-lotus-flower-tattoo white-clover-flower

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