Cats have found uses in several places as significant symbols throughout history. Cats were associated with Egyptian goddesses and were popularly known as “mau”. Egyptians associated cats with lust, deviousness, cunning and cleanliness. Like all tattoos, Cat tattoo ideas are quite popular with people who are passionate about this feline creature. With respect to different cultures, Cat tattoo is inked for spirituality, luck, endearment, etc.

Types of Cat Tattoo

There are several types of cat tattoos in vogue. Some popular categories are black cat, winged cat, cat paw, cute cat, cat eyes, cartoon cat, cat face, etc. Your Cat-tattoo design should reflect your own characteristic and the value or message you wish to portray. You can even choose something funny and ambiguous to reflect the mysterious side of you.

Find below our suggestions of trendy collection of Cat Tattoo ideas and try them to rock your personality and the animal lover instinct!

3D Cat Tattoo On Arm Absolutely Stunning Cat Tattoo On Arm Adorable Black & Grey Tattoo On Thigh Alien Holding Cat Inked On Arm Alluring Line Work Cat Tattoo On Arm Amazing Doodle Cat Tattoo On Wrist Awesome Cat Mouth & Whiskers Behind The Ear Little Cat Tattoo Black Rose And Little Cat Inked On Lower Leg Cat With Kitten Inked On Arm Colored Cat Playing Thermin Cool Tiny Cat Whiskers On Heel Cute Line Work Cat Tattoo On Side Back Dancing Cat On Wrist Dot Work Tattoo For Cat Lover Elegant Line Work Cat Tattoo On Foot Exclusive Moon With Cat Inked On Neck Eye Catching Cat With Fish Tattoo On Thigh Fascinating Dot Work Cat Tattoo On Arm Fighting Cats Tattoo Fun Little Cat Face Portrait On The Calf Funny Cool Playing Cat Geometric Black Work Tattoo Glamorous Miniature Cat Portrait On Shoulder Gorgeous Two Sweet Little Cat Tattoos On Wrist Great Work Black Cat Tattoo On Sleeve Grumpy Face Cat On Collar Bone Little Black Cat Memorial Tattoo On Wrist Little Galaxy Cat Tattoo With Butterfly On Lower Leg Little Pianist Funny Cat On Leg Marvellous Cat Tattoo On Each Finger And Hand Memorial Tiny Cat Face On Lower Leg Mind Blowing Little Cat On Tree Minimalist Feline Tattoos Pretty Geometric Handpoked Tattoo Relastic Cats Tattoo Remarkable Cat Foot Braclet Sassy Tiny Ankle Cat With Flowers Siamese Cat Tattoo Simple & Funny Cats Small Cat Portrait Smart Work Dangerous Cat On Foot Spectacular Tiny Black Cat Tattoo Behind The Ear Stylish Cat Tattoo Sweet Little Cat With Heartbeat Perfect For Cat Lover Three Tiny Sitting Cats Inked On Arm Tiny Sleeping Cat Inked On Ankle Walk In Form Cat Tattoo Walking Cat On Arm Watercolor Cat Tattoo With Books On Shoulder

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