The sun and moon tattoo is the most classical tattoo that has a history. It can be pulled off perfectly by both men and women. It has a various significations for different people. For example, the sun and moon together are known to represent yin and yang. They are also known for having varied symbolizations in so many religions, cultures and traditions. We put together a list of our favorite sun and moon tattoos and you should definitely consider getting a tattoo custom made based on what it means to you.


intricate sun and moon tatoo on woman's belly
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This one tops our list. Isn’t it just beautiful? We love the intricate detailing on the moon. And the stars are a tiny bonus. It’s just the perfect custom temporary tattoo idea that one should get.

large sun face tattoo on arm
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This sun and moon tattoo is a really smart one. If you notice carefully, you will see that the design actually denoted the moon inside the sun. We all have our share of moon that becomes one with the sun, don’t we?

sleepy sun tattoo on one shoulder and moon tattoo on another shoulder of a woman
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How about getting both separately on the shoulder? These will make great designs for temporary fake tattoos. And the shoulder placement is a brilliant idea.

female sun face looking at male moon face in this tattoo
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Love what this tattoo expresses. She is the sun and he is her moon. Such a unique sun and moon tattoo with a powerful message.

matching set of moon flower tattoo and sun in flower shape tattoo on two arms
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Flowers add that happy touch to almost anything right? And does the same with these tattoos. Maybe get a custom temporary tattoo in this design with a different flower? We’d pick lilies to go with these.

heavily tattooed arms with sleepy moon tattoo on one hand and sleepy sun tattoo on another
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The sun tattoo here has three eyes that is a religious symbol for the Hindus. The moon with the stars look just as pretty as the sun. Wonder what the moon symbolizes here.

mini sun tattoo, mini moon tattoo, mini planets tattoo and star tattoo on  woman's shoulder
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If the sun and moon weren’t enough, we have a tiny solar system here with the stars and planets. What a great idea that represents our big universe.

matching mini sun and moon tattoos on two wrists
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These tiny sun and moon tattoos on the wrist will make the perfect design to get with your best friend. We love small tattoos. They look classy and serve the purpose just enough.

matching tattoos of setting sun temporary tattoo and setting moon fake tattoo on ankles above socks
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This is what the sun and moon look like when you are strolling along that beautiful beach on a perfect day. Get this made as custom fake tattoo with that person who you would be taking the stroll with.

matching sun tattoo with arrow and moon tattoo with arrow on two arms
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The cupid’s arrow through the heart is too mainstream so we will get it on a sun and moon instead. This design is dreamy and minimal and we love everything about it.

bright sun tattoo and dark moon tattoo encircled on arm
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The yin and yang, the sun and moon, the light and darkness. This tattoo speaks volumes to us and can be deciphered in so many ways. Total love!

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One word – Adorable. How cute is this sun and moon tattoo on the ankle? Two opposites do really attract. This will make a great temporary tattoo on the wrist too.

colorful sun and moon tattoo on back
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The sun and moon in all its colorful glory. Love how it fades from orange and pink to blue and purple towards the left.

colorful setting sun tattoo and rising moon tattoo encircled on arm
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The sunsets in Africa look just like the one above and the moon mirroring the sea looks simply divine. Get this one made as a custom tattoo that represents the most beautiful sunset and moon you have witnessed.

gentle moon tattoo inside sun tattoo on arm
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Intimate piece of work. You and your better half can be the sun and moon, north and south, black and white but nothing comes above love right? Get this custom matching tattoo with your loved one.

colorful cresent moon tattoo and half sun tattoo combined together on arm
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You can be the sun and the moon. You don’t have to choose. Everyone has two sides to them and it’s completely okay. This design is impressive.

fake crescent moon tattoo on woman's wrist
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The moon lined with the flames of the sun. That is what we deduce of this design. This will make a charming little fake tattoo on the shoulder too.

crescent moon temporary tattoo with shadow effect on woman's nape
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This one is just the moon and its shadow. Looks like a classic vintage design perfectly placed on the neck.
Do you think you will be getting a sun and moon tattoo? If you already have one, we’d like to see it. Comment below with the pictures and maybe we can feature our favorites on another blog.
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